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My Five Favorites | Decorative Accessories

Hello friends and welcome to the February edition of My Five Favorites!

This month my wonderful co-hosts Kris of Driven By Decor, Pam of Simple Details and Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles and I are dishing on our favorite accessories along with our guest host, the very talented Emily of Emily A. Clark!  Mama of five and blogger extraordinaire, Emily shares tons of stylish and simple ways to make your home beautiful – I especially loved this post on creating more polished abstract art!

emily a clark abstract art

I’m looking forward to seeing what styling tips these ladies have up their sleeves!

While I love perusing the aisles of Homegoods, these are my go-tos, the staples that I love to use when styling a space.

my five favoritesoneBOOKS

I know – this one is so obvious – but it really is the easiest accessory ever!  Obviously wonderful on a bookshelf but also perfect for pop of color around the house as needed, add height to a vignette or prop up a framed photo or a small lamp.  I like the tip by Jenny of Little Green Notebook to organize books in a bookcase first by genre then very loosely by color.



Sweet and sentimental, and also a great size for a flower bud next to the sink in the bathroom or on a bedside table in a guest room, to hold toothpicks for an appetizer, really anywhere that could use a little pretty.

Silver and pewter cups get a great patina over time which just adds to their charm.





Like pewter or silver baby cups, I love these copper mugs that have come into vogue in the last couple of years for their versatility and the little bit of bling they bring to a space.  The Moscow Mule mugs are perfect for little flower arrangements (a great way to make a bunch of grocery store flowers go further – divide it up into several small containers!) as well as really pretty grouped together in open shelving in your kitchen.

shine your light copper mug

An impromptu St. Patrick’s Day table last year.


The copper works so well with fall vignettes!


Last summer I used several of them for holding flatware out on our deck – my heavier mugs are sturdy enough to hold a handful of knives or forks.

moscow mule mugs (This set of 4 is a steal for under $24!)

You can also use Moscow Mule mugs to drink Moscow Mules :)



I love walking into a room and finding my kids playing cards together, rather than glued to their phones separately!  An interesting bowl makes something ordinary like playing cards (or matchbooks or Bananagrams) into a pretty accessory.  Likewise a lacquered box is the perfect hideaway for tv remotes, and glass hurricanes make a collection of wine corks or even pennies look intentional.


Fresh greens give such energy to a room!

Even this itty bitty violet that I’m nursing back to health adds a bit of life to our winter home.IMG_2727

Live plants purify the air, and bring LIFE to a space!


If you feel like you have a black thumb, check out these hard-to-kill houseplants I wrote about a while back:

hard to kill house plants

Of course you can always treat yourself to pretty cut flowers (you deserve them!!) or clip some from your yard to add some cheer to your interiors.  Evergreens like cedar and pine look great solo and last for ages, but I can’t wait for spring and beauties like this out my window!


What’s one of your favorite home accessories??

I am 100% sure my co-hosts will have some great ideas – they are all amazing stylists!  Pop over and visit Kris (Driven By Decor), Pam (Simple Details), Jennifer (Dimples & Tangles) and our guest host, Emily (Emily A. Clark) today.

A huge thank you to Emily for joining the series this month, we are thrilled to have you!


Shine Home Love | Simple Dwellings

Welcome to the newest edition of Shine Home Love where we get to take a peek into a favorite corner of blogger and Instagrammer’s homes.

I’m thrilled to welcome my very talented friend Amber, who shares client design work as well her own home on her blog Simple Dwellings.  You may have seen this gorgeous space Amber designed – it’s made it’s way around the web!  Amber added so many inspired and interesting details to this home!


Today Amber is here to share one of her favorite parts of her own home!

shine home love header

Amber B Design

Hi Shine Your Light Readers! I’m Amber from the blog, Simple Dwellings. I am thrilled to be here today on Lisa’s blog to talk about a favorite corner of my home. What I love most about this series is getting the chance to focus on what I love about our home. It can be easy to think about what we want to change (I know the list is long in my head), but focusing on what we love is such a powerful message! For me, it would have to be our family room. We are a busy family with two kiddos and this space is where we come together as a family and spend most of our time.

SMP Living 5

After trying out several ideas in this space, I finally feel like this room reflects our style and the casual, laid back way we live. It is also filled with some meaningful pieces that I hope the kids recognize as they get older.

family room

quote 2

I decided to take a blank wall in our family room and write an inspirational quote with a paint pen. It’s a quote I found on pinterest and the message is to work hard and try your best at everything you do. I always want my kids to know that and to never give up, when striving to achieve something.

slip covered chair chair

This slipcovered chair actually conceals a green recliner from my husband’s college days! One day, I picture a tailored chair with neutral fabric and amazing pillows. But for now, I love it for its memories and the moves this chair has been through. I really do smile when I walk in this space. It’s our little corner of the world where we connect, spend time and catch up on our day!

SMP Living 3

Thank you so much for having me, Lisa! I love your blog and the message of this series. Have a great day!


I love all the natural light and personality in this room and can see why it is one of Amber’s fave spaces! Also, those gourd lamps, Greek key throw, x-bench as a side table, the handwritten quote on the wall, and the use of a slipcover to make a chair work for this room.  So many great take-aways!

Thanks for sharing your home with us Amber!

You can visit Amber here:

Simple Dwellings | Amber B Design Studio | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Bloglovin’



hang snowboard

How To Hang A Snowboard

Hey friends!  I have another small DIY from the fall One Room Challenge that I thought might be timely for some of you in snowy climates!!


Peter came up with the idea to hang his snowboard on the wall of his room when I was working on it this past fall.  Functional art at it’s best!  It covered two needs at once – storing the snowboard out of the way and serving as cool decor that represents Peter’s interests.

You can buy snowboard wall mounts for $16-20, but this is a super cheap and effective alternative to store your boards.

Per snowboard, you will need:
2 rubber tips
2 screws
2 wall anchors
1 cork
(I love this handy dandy screw-and-anchor kit from Ikea and guess what, it’s available via Amazon Prime!  So fab for those of us who have to journey over the hills and through the woods to get to the nearest Ikea.)


On your snowboard, measure the width at the top where it starts to curve inward….


…then transfer that measurement to your wall.

Drill pilot holes (using a drill bit slightly smaller than your anchor) and install anchors with a hammer.

Drill a hole in the center of each rubber tip using a drill bit that is smaller than your screw (doing this directly on your carpet is not recommended :) ).

Place the rubber tip over the anchor with the open side facing you, and attach the wall with a screw. Follow suite with the other rubber tip.

At this point, I hung Peter’s snowboard but the hollow rubber tips weren’t sturdy enough – the board pushed them to the sides – so I simply took a cork, cut it in two with a pair of scissors and hammered the cork halves into the rubber tip.

ORC P snowboardbat

The little rubber & cork stoppers are firm and hold the board (with bindings) in place.

The board is really easy to hang and take off.

I thought about coloring the cork with a black Sharpie so it just recedes into the wall, but yeah….I haven’t. I do love how the colors of Peter’s board compliment his room palette of black, white and a bit of red.

This was such an easy way to hang the snowboard and keep it safe and out of the way, and it’s so cheap – you could hang 2 boards for around $5-6.

Hanging your board is a great space saver, and would work great in a garage, basement, apartment, kid’s room or rec room!


I love taking advantage of vertical storage.  If you get fired up by storage and organization ideas like this here are a couple more posts you might enjoy (just click on the photo and it will take you right to the post).

skate and ski storage

scooter and ripstick storage

Have a great day lovelies!