Welcome back to my One Room Challenge project - a client's living room refresh.  
This week's episode - curtains!!

This room features a big bow window.
Changing out the curtains and rod made a dramatic change to the space!
Here is where we started.....

My (dream-to-work-with, funny, enthusiastic) client Linda and I talked about getting away from the red and gold color scheme in the room, creating a neutral backdrop with lots of texture, and bringing in color in the form of pillows and other accessories that would be easy to change out.

I suggested something like this panel from Lacefield Designs fabric
(from an Etsy seller but no longer available).

With a May 2 family party in the not too distant future, we looked at ready-made curtain options that would freshen up the room but not lock Linda into a color scheme for years to come.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

We decided on the Pottery Barn Terri Trellis drapes that worked oh so well with the Benjamin Moore Indian River wall color...... 

 - but womp womp -

oh so sadly, they are currently only available from PB in the sheer version.

The non-sheer Terri Trellis curtains actually have blackout liner which gives them a really nice heavy weight, and with only one set of windows on a long wall, I really felt like we should do something substantial there.

eBay to the rescue! 

 We found tons of eBay sellers offering the Terri Trellis blackout drapes, new in the package, with competitive pricing.  Linda ordered 4 of them so we could double up the panels on each side of the window and give them full and custom look.

Let's talk about rods.   

I traded out Linda's traditional wood curtain rod for a simple straight black rod and ball finials, classic and timeless, hung high and wide to allow for the curtains to rest at the edge of the windows and allow all that beautiful natural light to flood the house.

After many years of buying "investment" curtain rods, I'm so over spending a big chunk of my budget on something that doesn't have a huge impact on the room.  You can get so much more bang for your buck on things like curtains and pillows in beautiful fabrics - don't spend all your $$$$ on rods!  These are my favorite rods ($6.99 for a rod that extends to 152"), the finials are $6.99 (not on the website) and rings are $3.99 for a pack of 10.  

((You can also DIY curtain rods with PVC pipe or 

I did upgrade the curtain rod brackets because on a long window like this one a support bracket is necessary in the middle of the window, and if the bracket is visible it should minimal so your eye is not drawn to it.  Cheap Ikea brackets are fine if they are hidden behind a curtain.  

See the difference with the part that attaches to the wall?  

Ikea Betydlig Wall/Ceiling Bracket $1.49 each

A little cost comparison:
this is the Pottery Barn Standard Finial and Drape Rod.  

To outfit Linda's ONE window the PB rod, finials and rings would have been a whopping $309 pre-tax (brackets are included with the rod; keep in mind we needed 4 packages of rings.)

For the same look from Ikea, with upgraded brackets from Bed Bath & Beyond, we spent $66.91.

A savings of $242.09!  Not bad, right?

This allowed us to put more of the budget towards items that will have a big impact,
like furniture, curtains, pillows and lamps.

I'm intentionally not sharing any in-progress shots of the room (so mean, I know!)
but this is where we are so far....

new seating, rod and curtains (and a sneak peek of a thrift store score on Instagram!)

Now onto the really fun stuff!

what's going on the walls

pretty details


the bar!

Join me at Calling It Home to check out everyone's progress from the past week!


Quick Tip Tuesday

This is for all the school lunch-making mamas (and their kids)!

Cute washi tape is purely to alleviate the crushed-snack-all-over-the-lunchbox-and-backpack issue that I'm sure all you moms out there are familiar with!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!



Hello my friends!  Are you enjoying the ORC season as much as I am?  It's SO much fun to see the progress of the 20 amazing One Room Challenge Designers.  I'm currently dying over the unexpected direction this room is taking!

While the Wednesdays of ORC season are for the 20 official designers to share what's been happening in their rooms, Thursdays are open to the great big wide world to link up a room to the challenge at Calling It Home. Last week I jumped in as a linking participant with a client space I am working on:  a living room in need of a refresh.  It's a great space with tons of natural light from a big bow window, but the family that lives here rarely uses it.

This room opens to a beautiful new kitchen and beyond that, a sunroom where the family watches TV and hangs out.  The large living room would be a great space for entertaining, but seating and a conversation area are definitely lacking.

So first up - addressing the seating situation.

I gave my client Linda some options for chairs that are in the scale we are looking for, all from a local furniture store that we both like.  A huge bonus was that they all came stocked in great neutral fabrics.  Giving upholstered furniture a test run for comfortability is a MUST so I always recommend shopping locally for chairs and couches.

top to bottom:

Can I tell you how much I love this client?  
I gently suggested Linda get her booty down to this store because they were in the midst of a sale AND she is hosting a very large party on May 2 - at which it would be nice to offer her guests 
a place to sit.

Nothing like a sale and hosting a million people to motivate this girl!  As soon as the weekend hit she was at the store and next thing you know, I got a text that the chairs had been ordered and are being delivered the following Friday.  WOOHOO!

Linda ix-nayed swivel rockers right off the bat because she has one in another room and her kids think it's an amusement park ride, but after trying out a few chairs, she ordered two of these Apollo Club Chairs in the stock fabric (which I have on my sectional and love).  
They are already in the house and they are gorgeous and so comfortable!

In addition to the nicer quality club chairs, we filled out the space with a less expensive occasional chair.  Again I gave Linda some ideas of size and style, but we kept an eye out at Homegoods and Marshalls Boutique for a piece that could work too.
left to right:
all from Pier1.

This little cutie ended up being "the one" and I must admit, it is nicer than I anticipated!  It has a very firm seat as opposed to the club chairs, but it's well made, the linen fabric is great and if I saw it in someone else's home I would never guess it's humble origin! (Moral of the story, don't be afraid to mix in some lower cost items.  Not everything has to be an investment.)

There are some other fabulous changes happening to this room and I can't wait to show you the next installment!

For other room makeovers in progress, be sure to visit Calling It Home.


Best of the Nest SPOTLIGHT

Last week's Best of the Nest was so much fun, I can never quite get over how creative everyone is and so enjoy reading about what kind of projects you've been banging out.

Here are some fabulous features picked by my awesome co-hosts KrisJennifer, and Pam, our March Guest of the Nest Julia and yours truly.

Thank you for clicking on the links to pin images from their original source.

Brynne at The Gathered Home created a vintage-boho closet reading nook that I want to move into!!

Kristine of Teeny Ideas rescued an old door from the curb and made it into this beauty!

Cassie of Primitive and Proper linked up her blue and white tablescape, doesn't it look so pretty for spring?

Corinna from For My Love Of linked up a tutorial on this fun wall hanging.

Finally, Sarah at Life On Virginia Street shared her spring home tour and it is fantastic!!!

Thank you to everyone who linked up to the latest BOTN party.  KrisJennifer, Pam and I always love seeing the best of your projects, and a special thanks to Julia at Cuckoo 4 Design for being our March Guest of the Nest!  

Mark your calendars to link up to Best of the Nest on the last Friday of every month 
(April 24 this month). 
I am already looking forward to seeing what your favorite project is!

Hope you have a great April weekend lovelies.  
Thanks for visiting!



Well folks, it seems I have officially fallen off my rocker because I decided to add a little more crazy to my life and link up to the One Room Challenge again!

You all know the One Room Challenge I'm sure, but in case it's new to you, the ORC is the brainchild of Linda at Calling It Home.  The idea is to transform a space over the course of 6 weeks, sharing what's involved along the way, with the grande finale revealed on May 6 (for the 20 Official ORC participants) and May 7 (for the linking participants).

You may recall I was a linking participant in the ORC when I built my wall of bookcases last spring.

This time around I'm going to be sharing a client's living room and I am so excited about this space!!

A lot of the work I do with clients is reworking what they already have and putting a new twist on it. My clients in this scenario are a family of 5 - mom, dad, two growing boys and a very cute pup.  They are such a fun family and love to entertain, but they find that they never really use this room very much.  Here is the space (please excuse the phone photos, I left my camera charger in Vermont over February vacation - bad blogger!):

The room behind the couch is a gorgeous new kitchen/dining space and beyond that, a pretty sunroom done in blues and browns.  Do you spy these Ballard Designs mirrors in the dining area above?

  From the dining space, looking into the living room:

This room has a huge bow window with lots of beautiful light (which challenges my iPhone photography skills!)

This sideboard was in the former dining room and fit perfectly in a little niche of the living room when the kitchen was renovated.  You know I am all over this bar area!!

What is staying: the leather couch, sideboard, new jute rug - it's a scooch small but I am happy to work with it!, and the wall color - Benjamin Moore Indian River #985.  This is a great earthy greige that works well with the adjacent rooms.

We decided this piece of art would also stay because it's bright and happy colors truly represent my clients.  Hmmmm....are you thinking what I'm thinking?

This was a rough draft of the direction we're headed. The walls, floor, and curtains will be a great neutral base for pops of color inspired by the bold art and the blue of the sunroom.
Upholstered Chairs:  Boston Interiors // Ottoman:  Overstock // Wicker Chair:  Pier1 // Blue Pillows:  Etsy //  Painterly Pillows:  Emily Rickard-Society6

A few new upholstered pieces will make the conversation area a little cozier. 
Chair:  Boston Interiors //  Curtains:  Etsy

New lamps and some bar styling are in order.
Lamps:  West Elm // Wine Racks:  Pottery Barn (client already had these)

The armoire may or may not stay but truthfully there is a lot of space to fill up so it's ginormous presence might be useful.  A place to pull together family photos is a must.
Chairs:  Boston Interiors

My client is such a go-getter!  The other day I sent her an email about an item I found online, and in the time I got up to get a cup of coffee and come back to my laptop less than 5 minutes later, I already had a reply back that it was ordered.  BAM.  They are hosting a family party in a few weeks and you know how motivating that can be!

Next week I'll be back to report on the progress along with all the other ORCers!  I can't wait to show you what's already in the works.   Check out all the other ORC linking participants at Calling It Home!


Quick Tip Tuesday

Hello my QTT lovers!  This tip hails from the movie The Help (I couldn't find it in the book though!)

Squeaky doors???  Crisco to the rescue.  Turns out Crisco is a terrible thing for us humans to ingest, so we might as well put that big ol' tub to use elsewhere.

In a nutshell - use a flathead screwdriver (or butter knife if you're me) to pop the hinge pin out (one hinge at a time so the door is still attached), rub some Crisco on it, realign the hinge and push the pin back in (a hammer might be helpful if your hinges are old and rusty like mine).  Open and close the door a few times and voila - no more squeaky door.

*I used to use WD-40 spray, but discovered that if any of that gets on your wall, it's a beast to remove and the next time you paint, the paint won't adhere to that spot.  ERRRR.  Also - WD-40 is so gross to breathe in, I try to use it as rarely as possible.  Crisco is gross to cook with, but miraculous on squeaky doors!  

*I am by no means a clean eater but I am continuously seek to educate myself about healthy choices for myself and my family.  Although I am a skeptic of a lot of research and food health claims I don't think it's debatable anymore that Crisco is healthy to eat.  For more reading material on this subject check out this article or google "health risks of Crisco".

Happy Spring Tuesday!


Best Of The Nest:: March

Welcome to the March edition of BOTN, 
where you can share your favorite project from the last month!
Thank you for pinning images from their original sources.

Our Guest of the Nest needs no introduction - the super fun 
Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design!
Julia's home has so many creative touches, it's a feast for the eyes!  
A couple of my favorite snippets......

The best from Julia's nest this month is her freshly painted kitchen wall - 
isn't this space so bright and cheery?
Thanks for joining us today Julia!
Julia @ Cuckoo 4 Design
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My best this month was how to make a mass produced piece of canvas art look a little more high end with the help of gel medium and a DIY frame. 
You can find me here…...
Kris @ Driven by Décor 
Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

Pam @ Simple Details 

Now it's your turn!!
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I always look forward to seeing everyone's BOTN link ups and reading through them over the weekend.  Can't wait to see what is the best from your nest this month!

Have a great weekend friends!