Quick Tip Tuesday

This QTT hails from last fall's One Room Challenge, but it is so earth shattering that it really needs it's own post.

Are you holding on to your hat?  Ready?

The trick of how to paint your baseboards or door trim in a carpeted room -

use packing tape.

It has more tack than painter's tape, but won't leave residue behind, and won't give you the dreaded bleed-through.  

Press the packing tape right up to the edge of the trim, push down the carpet and packing tape with a spackle or putty knife, and go to town painting.

That's it!! Easy peasy and no paint on your carpet!

I hope this rocked your world.

Happy Tuesday lovebugs.



Best Of The Nest Party // September!

Hellooooo Best of the Nesters!

Here we are, the last Friday of September, can you believe it?  I'm kind of excited about that because I think of October 1 as time to break out the fall boots, plus I'm a big fan of sweaters, scarves, kids' football games under sunny fall skies, gorgeous jewel-toned blooming sedum, delicious pots of stew on the stovetop and sitting around a crackling fire with a nice glass of red wine.  So yeah.  I'm a fall lover!  How about you?!

I have been meaning to try Wax Paper Graphic Transfers for-ever and finally did, then proceeded to use this method on anything that would sit still in my house!
You can find me here…...

Pam gave her bathroom a Dark & Moody Makeover
don't you love that deep charcoal with the mix of metals?!
Pam @ Simple Details 

Kris shared how to Add Color And Pattern With A Simple DIY that I have to try - 
what a great way to bring some interest to your upholstered furniture!
Kris @ Driven by Décor 

Jennifer shared a Vanity Bench Makeover that she managed to pull off with a 
$2 sample piece of gorgeous Schumacher fabric!
Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

What was your one favorite project of September?
Share and inspire with a  DIY, art/craft project, recipe, major renovation or even minor tweak!  

on Instagram include #bestofthenestparty 
and a tag to one of the BOTN hosts:

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Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!


Fireplace Makeover: A Bit Of Inspiration

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on the topic of my fireplace with your ideas and thoughts, 
I appreciate them all so much!  

 I have a million photos on my Fireplaces Pin Board
and clearly I am obsessed with this topic, are you thinking about a fireplace facelift too?

We are definitely going to mount our tv over the mantle and this has set the wheels a-turning about adding some millwork to hide the cords and tweak the design a bit.   

The pros of our fireplace:
1 - the surround is beautifully built (meaning, by a professional who unlike me did not use copious amounts of caulk to hide all the gaps) of SOLID oak and who I am kidding, that is way better lumber than I could afford to build with if I was starting from scratch.
2 - storage, storage, storage - I love those cabinets for hiding our junk.
3 - there is already an outlet in the mantle, which will come in handy for tv mounting.

Here are a few inspiration photos that have the wheels turning in this crazy head.

What I love:  recessed built-ins, planking, black (marble) slab around firebox, and the slab framed out with millwork.

What I love:  all that delicious crown moulding, recessed cabinets, stone surround.
PS//  You won't believe the "before" of this beautiful fireplace.  Click the link below to check it out.

What I love:  crown moulding that adds an extra detail to the straight line of the long mantle, millwork around the firebox that gives the fireplace more substance.
{Source Unknown}

What I love:  again, the crown moulding or trim under the mantle that adds detail.

What I love:  planking above the mantle, recessed cabinets, trim under mantle, and side trim around firebox that makes the fireplace a bit more substantial
{Source Unknown}

What I love:  everything, starting with the beadboard above the mantle, crown moulding, corbels under the simple mantle, and recessed cabinets.
{Molly Frey Designs}

What I love:  millwork over the mantle and around the firebox, recessed cabinetry.
{Vogue Home}

What I love:  millwork around the firebox, hardwired sconces, and the fact that this beautiful fireplace with built-ins is a DIY!
{Dream Book Design}

What I love:  the long mantle is broken up with the protruding fireplace and it's surround, simple craftsman-style millwork.
{Smart Group Builders}

What I love:  the recessed tv framed out with millwork (with hidden cords), the trim under the mantle that makes it more substantial.  Another DIY!
 {Ocean Front Shack}

What I love:  hardwired sconces, tongue & groove (?) paneling above mantle, corbels, and the way the firebox is framed out.  Millwork millwork millwork
Do you visit this blog regularly?  Oh my word she is amazing.  Don't miss.
{Stephanie Krauss Designs}

One last one.

What I love: everything!  In particular, the millwork around firebox, recessed TV, hardwired sconces, marble tile surround.

Are you sensing a theme here?  

Millwork, I need more of you in my life.

My fireplace is the next victim of my learn-as-I-go carpentry and 
fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project planning.  

It should be interesting!

Let's talk about TVs over the fireplace next week, shall we?  

And a reminder…...
Tomorrow morning bright and early is September's Best of the Nest Party!! 
(can you believe it's already the end of September?)

Join us, we're all looking forward to seeing what you've been up to this month!  


Our Perfectly Fine Fireplace, What Would You Do?

With autumn's arrival I always start thinking about my fireplace design again.

Our fireplace is FINE, I like it, and I love the storage from the built in cabinets.

If I were a normal person I would just leave it alone.  
But all I do when I look at it is redesign it in my head.

When we bought this house, I was absolutely giddy about this fireplace and it's built ins.
Oh the potential behind all that peach, burnt orange and orangey oak.
I couldn't wait to break out the paint brush.

Painting it all white was a H-UGE improvement!!!!!

It's fine, it's great, but there are a couple of issues, 
plus the wanna-be carpenter in me can't resist messing with a perfectly good thing.

First the pros:
The cabinets provide fabulous storage for all our school supplies, photo albums and fireplace paraphernalia like starter logs.  Hidden storage for all our junk is a huge thumbs up.  Also, there is an outlet in the mantle.

Now moving on to some of the issues...

Numero Uno…..
The location of the #@%^$* TV.

It's presence in this room is a requirement.  We are a TV-watching family, particularly when Gwen Stefani joins the Voice.  And Tom Brady is on the field.  Plus the TV is how we get our kids to hang out with us.  Don't judge.  They're teenagers and we'll use whatever lure we can!

Our TV is currently on a stand Mark built when we were first married.  Our TV console from our last house (that we spent a small fortune on) doesn't fit in our family room so it is housing 47947 video games in the basement.  That's Murphy's Law right there in action my friends.

When you enter our house from the garage, a half wall creates a little entry, and this is the view into the family room.  Attractive, no?

The view from the kitchen - it is nice to be able to see the fireplace but the TV is mostly obscured.  That pole has to go, but that's a story for another day.

Because of the room layout with windows and doorways, mounting the TV over the fireplace makes the most sense although it wouldn't be my first choice design-wise.  Here is my mock-up with craft paper of the big huge black box over the mantle.
(Before I get hate mail:  I realize mounting the TV over the fireplace is controversial from both a design and electronics safety stand point.  More on that later.)

Second issue:
The semi-gloss paint was a bad choice for me.  It illuminates every nook and cranny of the brick.
Texture in a room = good, but shiny brick = bad.


Third issue:
those brick corbels and their gaps.  Not a fan.

Okay friends.
I have a lot of thoughts on what to do with this fireplace of mine but first I'm curious to hear what you think! 

What you be so kind as to give me your opinion on my perfectly fine fireplace?

Tomorrow I'll bombard you with fireplace makeover ideas, but today, the floor is yours.  Thank you in advance!  

Also a reminder - it's time for Best of the Nest// September Edition this Friday!!  We are looking forward to seeing your favorite project from the month, some come on back and link up!


Round Fireplace Mirrors

There is something about a round mirror contrasting all the straight lines of a room that I really love.
Do they appeal to you too?

Knowing that we are eventually going to mount our tv over the fireplace in our family room (for lack of a better option) I haven't wanted to invest in a mirror for this space,  but last year right before Christmas I came across this little round mirror at of all places, Walmart.

To give it a little more presence, I mounted it onto an old particle board table top I found in my basement (you know - those cheap three-legged bedside tables that we've all had at some point?)
I just spray painted the edges and a few inches of the table top, then mounted the lightweight mirror with Liquid Nails.

It's not exactly a statement piece like those gorgeous mirrors above, but I like it.  

This fireplace wall is going to get some love this fall.
I'll be back on Wednesday with some fireplace designs and I'd love your opinion!!
If you are thinking that eyeball light needs to go, I'm with you!!!!

Enjoy this day lovelies.  


DIY Nail Polish Ledges

My daughter, true to her age, has a vast collection of nail polish.  I had seen images on Pinterest of the Ikea Ribba picture ledge as nail polish storage on the wall, and loved this idea to get the nail polish off of Hannah's desk and use the colorful bottles as functional art in her room.

The only problem:  Massachusetts' only Ikea is kind of a roadtrip in a direction I don't normally travel, and picture ledges for Hannah's nail polish collection weren't meriting a trip and my gas.

However, I DO have some big box hardware stores in close proximity to me and here is the inexpensive and easy idea I came up with.

Whatcha Need
PVC BRICK MOULDING (I used 8 feet, cut into 4 2' lengths)
Nail set
Spackle/nail hole filler
White paint

This is really self explanatory - here is the basic "design".  I basically made ledges, or very narrow shelves, out of moulding.

1// Cut your molding into 4 even lengths 
(oops!  "one of these is not like the other"…I missed the class on measuring)…
if you are not comfortable with a saw you can ask your hardware store to cut the moulding for you.  They would probably measure a bit better than me. :)

2// Nail the first piece onto the wall, placing a nail right in the center.  
This way you can check for level, tweak the position of the moulding if needed, and then add nails to either end of the molding.  Don't worry too much about driving the nail all the way into the moulding yet, just get those suckers up on the wall.

3//  I used the tallest nail polish bottle to determine how much space I would need between ledges.  After adding the second ledge, I just marked on a piece of paper how far apart the first two were and then marked the other ledges accordingly.

 4//  After you nail all the ledges to the wall, use a nail set to sink the nails into the moulding a little bit, just past the surface of the moulding.

5//  After sinking the nails, fill with spackle, let dry for a few minutes and give those spots a quick sand.

6//  Paint the front of the ledges to disguise your filled nail holes and then you are good to go!!!


This turned out to be a much less expensive alternative to the Ikea ledges.
The Ikea Ribba ledges are $9.99 for a 22" length - I would have needed 4 = $40.
One 8 foot length of moulding, chopped into 4 24" pieces = $12.50.
Even if you have to purchase nails, nail filler, and paint, this way is still less than 4 store bought ledges.

Easy to make, easy to install, and the gratification from doing it yourself = priceless!  

Have a wonderful day my lovelies!