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Simple Picture Ledges

Hey friends! Since the next One Room Challenge starts next week, I thought it was high time I finished up project posts about the last one! (I’m taking this round off so I can enjoy being a spectator – there are so many great bloggers to follow on the challenge this spring!!)  Today’s project is a super easy DIY! I had always envisioned picture ledges for the perimeter of my 17 year old son’s room for sports pictures, awards and whatnot. When we decided to keep his chalkboard wall, I opted to make a ledge that would span the other three walls, which along with the desk and Ikea hack bookcase, have a minimalist, rustic-meets-industrial vibe.

Simple Rustic Industrial Picture Ledges

Here’s how to make and install your own picture ledges.

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Rustic Industrial Picture Ledges - a simple design and easy DIY!


Measure walls and purchase wood. I used 1″x4″ select pine boards, checking to make sure each board was straight and had no warping. I cut the boards on my saw at home but most lumber yards and big box hardware stores will cut wood for you if you’d rather.

Stain or paint the wood to your desired color. I ended up using Minwax Jacobean with a little Mahogany mixed in because I was trying to get all the woods in the room not to necessary match but at least play nicely together. After a couple of coats, I sanded the edges a bit with a palm sander to give the boards a bit of a worn look like an old baseball glove.

Select pine boards are stained with a mixture of Minwax Jacobean and Red Mahogany, then distressed with a palm sander to give the wood a worn look similar to a well loved baseball glove.



Simple and inexpensive L-brackets (aka corner braces) spray painted black keep the look of the ledges minimal and tie into other black elements in the room. Pop the screws into the top of a cardboard box to hit them with the spray paint too.

Inexpensive corner braces (also known as L brackets) are the perfect industrial touch to these picture ledges.



Measure and mark the distance you want the ledges from the ceiling and use a level to draw a line for the board placement.Marking the walls with a level ensures the picture ledges will be installed straight.


Next up mark where you want to install the brackets. I had one really long wall with three boards so I determined the placement of the brackets by where the boards met, so that there would be support directly under each seam. My brackets worked out to be about 18″ apart but use your own judgement to determine how many brackets you want to use.

After marking your brackets, install anchors into the wall (I used one anchor per bracket considering that the ledges would not hold a lot of weight), then screw the bracket into the anchors.The L-brackets have been spray painted black and are installed to the wall using anchors for support.

Finally, place the board on top of the bracket and, using screws that are shorter than the width of the board, attach the bracket to the bottom of the board.
After the L-brackets are installed, the picture ledge boards are placed on top of them and attached with short screws.

I chose to run picture ledges all the way across the three walls, continuing behind the door. If your ledge is spanning behind a door, make sure that the door has clearance to open fully without smashing into the ledge.
If one of the picture ledges runs behind a door make sure there is clearance to open the door without hitting it.



For Peter’s room I opted to hang baseball hats from the bottom of the ledge on one wall, and install lights under the ledge that is over his bed.

To install hooks for hats, purchase cup or utility hooks. I spray painted these black. FYI – spray paint doesn’t adhere very well to the vinyl coated hooks so if you want to paint them, look for stainless steel or brass hooks like these!)  Pre-drill holes in the bottom of the ledge using a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw of the hooks, then install the hooks.The bottom of picture ledges is a great place to install hooks for hanging baseball hats.

(Keeping it real with this shot of the closet! OY…this is why my lad needed a room makeover and organization! But hey – at least his hats are hanging up!!)
Having hooks on the picture ledges for baseball hats means they are not strewn all over the floor of this teen bedroom!
The lights I used over Peter’s bed are the Ikea Hektar Wall/Clamp Spotlights. I love these because they are already blackish powder-coated metal (industrial, check), swivel, and come on a base that can be screwed into the wall or in this case, under the ledge. The cord is black so it blends into Peter’s wall, but you could use a cord cover to conceal it. The on-off switch is on the cord and rests right at the top of Peter’ headboard.
Under the picture ledges directly above the bed Ikea Hektar wall lights are installed.

The adjustable light is perfect for studying in bed. The lights that hang from the picture ledges illuminate the room for studying.

As far as leaning art on top of the picture ledges, I used 3M sticky tape on the top edge of the smaller framed pictures, and with the larger pictures I hung them on a hook that was set a little low so the picture would look like it was leaning against the wall. That way if a football gets tossed in this room (it could happen) the likelihood of things getting knocked off the wall is slightly less 🙂

The framed pictures that sit on top of the picture ledges are attached to the wall using either 3M double sided mounting tape or a wall hook.

That’s it – simple picture ledges to corral all your “art”! It involves a few steps but truly it’s easy peasy and is a great project for a novice DIYer!

Adding rustic industrial picture ledges to a room adds function and corrals all the art in the room into a statement!
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If you have any questions about any of these projects just let me know!

Have a wonderful day lovelies.


Wood – 1″x4″select pine from lumber yard
Minwax Jacobean Stain and Minwax Red Mahogany Stain
L-brackets (also called corner braces)
Black spray paint (this is the one I prefer because it’s cheap, reliable, and has the standard spray paint top that I can use my spray paint handle on so I don’t get trigger finger!!!! I love that thing!)
Hooks for hats (similar to what I used. Remember, don’t get the vinyl coated ones if you want to spray paint them!)
Ikea Hektar Lights
Wall color – Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black #6258
PJS letter art over the bed – check out this post for the tutorial.
Headboard – DIY covered with a flat flannel sheet.

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Saturday 9th of April 2016

I really liked how you used the underside of the ledges and installed hooks for baseball caps! And aww, I'll miss going through this round of the ORC with you!

[email protected]

Sunday 3rd of April 2016

They look great! your DIY's are always the best!


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

You are the sweetest! Thank you!!


Friday 1st of April 2016

So Simple, so practical, and so cool looking! Great tutorial :)


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Thank you Denise! Simple is my favorite :)