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Temporary Tiered Dessert Plates

Although I don’t have any more room to store such things, I adore the look of tiered plates for serving desserts and appetizers.


Have you seen the DIY cake stands that use candleholders as the base, with a plate glued on top using a really strong (and permanent) adhesive like E3000? It’s a great concept to reuse what you already have, so I’ve been racking my brain on how I could do a temporary version – stands that can be disassebled after use for storage, and would offer a strong connection between the base and the plate so the stand couldn’t be toppled over easily by little hands.

Inspiration hit when I was getting ready for Easter, and had the can of spray adhesive hanging around my kitchen from the Tracing Paper Wrapped Canvas project. On a whim I gave the top of my inexpensive candle holders (swiped from Mom!) a spray of the adhesive and topped it with a plate.

Guess what? It worked like a charm. I let it cure for a few minutes, then tested it (this is me giving it the shake-shake-shake):

I actually couldn’t believe how strong the bond was. But the real test was if I was going to be able to separate the pieces and remove the adhesive.

Yep! No problem. I tried a nylon scrubbing pad and dishsoap but discovered that I could roll the adhesive right off of the candlesticks without breaking a sweat. Removing the adhesive from the bottom of the plates was a little more cumbersome, but a little scrubbing with the nylon pad and it was good as new.

Perfect for a buffet table of goodies, no?
Here are the plates in varying heights….

…..and stacked together with a little spray adhesive on both the top and bottom of the candleholders for stability.

So easy to change up the plates for seasonal decor! I used colorful plates for Easter but all white with the glass candle holder bases would be lovely.

Shopping my house and rethinking things I already own is so gratifying! What have you repurposed lately??

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Tuesday 17th of April 2012

How did you separate the pieces after using them? This is something we desperately need at church for our annual Easter breakfast as the we rarely have enough room for all the baked goods that people bring in. Thank you for the inspiration!!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design

Sunday 15th of April 2012

OMG. This is brilliant! If I'd only known this a few weeks ago I'd have used this solution for a cupcake stand. Next time...

Calypso In The Country

Sunday 15th of April 2012

Lisa - what a great idea! I love all your plates too! Have a great Sunday!-Shelley

Sixty-Fifth Avenue

Sunday 15th of April 2012

Such a cute idea! I will have to try this, thanks Lisa!

Urban Orchard Interiors

Friday 13th of April 2012

Love this idea!