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2016 Summer Staycation

Hey friends!! Hope you had a great weekend! It’s been quiet here on the blog. As you might have seen on Instagram, we’ve been college roadtripping (my son Peter is going into his senior year, and his sister is right behind him as a junior) in between packing my mom’s house up. A week from today we move Mom into her new abode where she won’t have to worry about ice dams on her roof, snow removal, cutting the grass, or any of the other headaches that come with owning a house. I’m so happy for this next chapter of her life to commence! And I’m happy for the packing and recycling and cleaning to be over and done with 🙂


The other wonderful thing that has been in the works this summer is the move of my 7 year old nephew and his mom from Florida up here to Massachusetts to live closer to our family. We are beyond excited!!!


“JT” is the son of my brother who died two years ago. It’s been hard on our sweet boy and we are all looking forward to being a big part of his life and helping his mom with him.


There’s no doubt that he will be smothered with love up here!!!


I have been hunting for a great place for them to live all summer and after a challenging search, we’re so thankful to my friend who found an apartment in a house with this huge yard, in a safe and quiet little town right next to us (5 minutes door to door!!!)  There is a horse farm and conservation land with walking trails right behind the house, and JT’s new school (motto: “Small School – Big Family” 🙂 )  is minutes away.


JT and his mom arrive a week after we get the keys to the apartment, and since the landlord has graciously allowed me to paint, I’ve been making some plans to spruce up the place and surprise JT with a cool room. There will be some repurposed items going into this space, as well as organization for Legos and books, Pikachus and Transformers. I haven’t worked on a little kid’s room in a long time and can’t wait to get in there, especially considering my special client!

I’ve also promised my youngest kiddo, Sean, a room flip before he starts high school in September (say what?????). He is currently living in a room with preschool pictures on the wall (I’m in denial about the high school thing) and zero storage so it’s time I get moving on that! This week I’ll be sharing the design plans for both these boy’s rooms and in August hopefully I’ll have some fun before and afters for you!

We’ve been so busy with Mom’s house, JT’s big move and the college visits that we haven’t done much in the name of summer, so we are really glad to have the fire pit up and running for our Summer Staycation of 2016. It’s so incredibly relaxing and therapeutic sitting around the fire! The last part of the building process was adding a capstone to the top and I will share with you how I accomplished that this week too (if I can do it, you can totally build your own natural stone fire pit too!)

Without a doubt our favorite DIY to date.


If you want to read more about this project check out these posts: how to remove sod • how to install stone veneer • Adirondack chairs.


How’s your summer going my friends? I hope you’re enjoying it and soaking up the sunshine!


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Monday 1st of August 2016

SO exciting! Can't believe your cute little guy will be living so close, what a blessing! Girl, you've got just a few irons in the fire! Hang in there! And college trips? I can't even imagine!


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

It has been a busy time, but all good! We are so so so excited about our little munchkin heading up here to MA!


Saturday 30th of July 2016

Summer has been such a whirlwind for all of us it seems! Sounds like yours has been filled with cherished adventures, wonderful changes, and new beginnings on the family front! The location of your nephew and sister-in-law's new home sounds amazing. Can't wait to see your nephew and youngest son's new bedrooms!


Sunday 31st of July 2016

Yes a lot of changes this summer, Carol! I hope my little nephew loves his new abode. Hope you have been enjoying your summer!


Wednesday 27th of July 2016

You have indeed been so busy Lisa! Next you'll be thinking of college! Glad your mom is moving into another easier home and your nephew and her mom close to family, I think it will be a lot more fun and great for JT to have you guys around! Love that firepit no doubt, I wish we had a space for one too! BTW, love the pillows, had mine for about a month now and love it as well!

Design Chic

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Wow, Lisa, you have been a busy girl! Can't wait to see your nephew's room - know it will be wonderful! Happy Tuesday!

Shelley | Crazy Wonderful

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Oh my goodness, how exciting for your family!!! He is just the cutest little guy! Nothing better than being around family. You will no doubt make him feel amazing with a cool new room :) Totally laughing about you being in denial about your son growing up. Yesterday Izzy kept putting her feet next to mine to show me how much hers have grown. I was all, "Quit! I'm not ready for this!"