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Shaded Garden Plants

I have completely abandoned the interior of my house these days, in favor of playing in my gardens while the sun shines down.

The house isn’t clean. The laundry isn’t done. My son recycled an outfit out of his hamper to wear to school today, but that’s okay. Working out in the fresh air is good for my body and soul and we all know
 a happy mama = a happy family!


I’ve been working on a big spring clean up and clearing out our overgrown gardens. We live on a very woodsy road – one of the original streets from when our little New England town was established hundreds of years ago. Most of the road is not paved; we happen to live on a little stretch at the beginning that is, but overall the road is very rustic and natural. That’s our mailbox and driveway on the left.

I’ve been creating little gardens at the end of the driveway that due to all the foliage from the trees, only get partial light, and thought I’d share with you some plants that work well in shady gardens, in case you’re working with them too.

These are a few of my favorite perennials that come back year after year.

#1 Astilbe
#2 Bleeding Heart
{my garden}
#3 Hosta
Hostas fill out a garden with their lush green leaves and bloom in late summer with these pretty purple flowers that bring height to a garden. They are so hardy do well in shade or full light – here they are by my mailbox at our last house.
#4 Lungwort


#5 Yellow Corydalis
If you are buying new plants or planning a garden, be familiar with what thrives where you live. Plants are marked with what zones they grow well in; consult this USDA map to figure out what zone you are.
After I learn what kind of light a plant needs, and how big it will grow, I usually wing it and plant what I love where I will be able to see it frequently. (Sorry landscape architects of the world!)
If you’re not into winging it, BHG has tons of gardening plans that you can download for free.
Here is a link to their shade garden plans.
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What about you –
have you been getting your hands dirty this spring??

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pam {simple details}

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

Such a pretty lane, Lisa! Oh my gosh I bet it's gorgeous in the fall! I have a lot of shade, but it's dry which is a bit of a challenge. Can't wait to get out there in my yard!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

so many beautiful plants! bleeding hearts have always been a favorite of mine, since childhood. we had a shady yard and one year my mom and i planted a garden together- she let me choose the plants, but i had to choose those that loved shade.... by the time we left that house the bleeding heart was so big. it always brings back memories of making that garden with my mom and building the little stone wall ourselves.


Thursday 2nd of May 2013

My husband just planted a ton of plants. We used to have a beautiful shade garden when we lived in Philly. Lots of what you showed plus pony tail ferns. Have you seen them. They're awesome. Every person who walked by our house was compelled to touch them.

Susan Maclean

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

Oh! I want to walk down that leafy road and turn into your house for a cup of tea! I love those secret roads that only those who know go to. We drive to a place like that about 3/4 hour away, it was an old drover's road along the top of a long, flat hill. It's paved, but one car width, and a few passing spots in the 2 mile length. You can turn off and park the car at various places. Lovely for picnics as you can look right down to the valley. I do love the idea of planting little areas under your trees.Mrs Mac.

Dana Frieling

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

I love your trees! You're right, there's just something soul soothing about digging in the dirt. Side note...I had to impart the wisdom on my son today that Axe body spray didn't work the same as laundry detergent. ha!