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Identifying What’s In Your Garden

New treasures are springing forth from my garden every day lately.
Over four decades of living on this earth, and I am still in complete awe at God’s artistry. It never gets old!
I’ve been busy this spring transplanting the proceeds of one huge overgrown garden bed into other spots around the yard. When transplanting it’s imperative that you know the conditions your plant needs to thrive, such as light, water and soil. I’ve been taking photos of plants I can’t identify, and then researching online to try to figure out what they are. It’s also good to know how big a plant will grow so you can give it enough space. My gardens look a little scant right now but in a month’s time some of the plants, like the peonies, will have doubled or tripled in size!
Having a photo of your plant uploaded to your computer is great for comparing to the images in your internet search. There are so many variations and look-alikes! A couple of resources for identifying plants:
I also find it useful to just google a description of my plant, such as
“pink flowering trees in Massachusetts”
and see what comes up.
Here are some beauties that spring brought to our yard. I need your help with a couple of them!
(Currently in need of a good trimming but spectacular en masse in all it’s wildness.)
Pink Cherry Blossom
(Around all year, but not to be overlooked for it’s unique beauty!)
Pink Magnolia

A welcome friend. Ladybugs keep aphids, mites and scales from eating your trees.
 Japanese Maple
 Arborvitae evergreen
 Flowering Crabapple
(Two years ago I dug these up from my lawn where they were growing wild and popped them into a garden, and they have thrived without any attention at all from me. I love free plants!!)
 Bleeding Heart
I need your help with the next two!!
Does anyone know what this is?
Maybe Mountain Laurel???
This one is a low-to-the-ground plant that spreads like crazy. Any ideas?
Some very important plants to know…..

Ask me how I know it’s important to be able to identify them. Despite the fact that I know this plant all too well and try to avoid it, it gets me every year. My arms are currently covered in poison ivy and calamine lotion, it’s a good look!

Tell me, what do you have growing in your garden?

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Susan Maclean

Thursday 9th of May 2013

Deb (above) says the yellow flower is "spurge". That's right, but that's it's common name. Real name is euphorbia - a really huge group from tiny to h.u.g.e. I have several different ones, and they provide early colour. They are not flowers though, the yellow petals. They are the bracts(sp?). The flowers are little insignificant beadlike things right in the centre. Try not to get the sap on your hands if you break a stem. Does nothing to me, but from your poison ivy experience better take care!Mrs Mac.

Adelina Priddis

Wednesday 8th of May 2013

We have so many odd things growing around our house right now, and I'm not sure what's a flower and what's a weed. I absolutely love all your plants! Cherry blossoms are my favorite though.


Wednesday 8th of May 2013

The bright yellow flower at the end is spurge ( I know, a ridiculous name!).


Wednesday 8th of May 2013

Gorgeous blooms - I truly need to start finding out all the names of the beautiful flowers.

Dana Frieling

Wednesday 8th of May 2013

I share your amazement of God's artistry. Makes me so excited to get to heaven...if it's this good down here, just think about how mind-blowing it is up there!!