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Real Kitchen Renovations:: Pam of Simple Details

Today I have an amazing kitchen remodel to share with you!
If you follow Pam at Simple Details then you have likely seen some of this gorgeous transformation before – and if you don’t follow Simple Details, trust me, it’s one blog you don’t want to miss! I’m not just saying that because Pam is one the dearest friends I have met through blogging – 
—girl’s got some serious style!!!—-
{See more of Pam’s gorgeous home here!}
Pam’s kitchen story gives me hope that someday we’ll actually get to our remodel. You see, Pam, her husband and their son lived with a kitchen they didn’t love for a DECADE before finally turning it into their dream, a kitchen that works for their family and also for all the entertaining they do.
It started as this gem:

Pam made that dark kitchen light and bright with a lot of paint and they lived with it like that for ten years…..

until one day, when the time was right……..
this happened!!! 
 (I cannot wait for that day in my house!)
And with a whole lot of creativity, the Simple Details kitchen turned into this beauty!
The countertops are a cement-like material – aren’t they fantastic?
A hidden desk area has shelves below for the printer.

Pam had the island painted by an auto-body shop and the paint has held up incredibly well over the years.

Pam says, “I had outlets put in the back of the pantry allowing the appliances to be hidden, while the roll out shelves provide easy access for using them.”

Another great idea:
“The way we angled the cabinet on the end created a small triangular shaped area that
 would have been wasted space…not happening!I ordered a 15″ door, and had our contractor build a shelf, it’s perfect for my mixer and food processor. I included an outlet for easy access to the island. The outlet also serves as a convenient way to use our crock pot on the island if we have a buffet set up.”

One last look………

What is your favorite part of your kitchen renovation?

It truly is the heart of our home and to have a space I love that functions well is…priceless…ha!

The major architectural changes, raising the ceiling and knocking out a wall, opening it up to the other rooms certainly had the most dramatic impact. As far as the kitchen design, I love that we made it work for us – the size of our island and the unconventional shape fits our needs, it’s large enough for several activities at once, two cooks and homework, or a buffet for large family gatherings during holidays. 
Is there anything you wish you had included, excluded, or done differently with your redesign?

I’ve been standing in here looking around at every nook and cranny, and I really do love it. I wish I could have included a free standing piece of furniture, and I tried, but for the space we had it just didn’t work. I’m glad I went with my gut and broke the ‘rule’ on a few design guidelines by ignoring tweaking  the standard dimensions. For example the walkway between our island and counter is 38″ and 32″ where the stove protrudes, the suggested is 42″ – 48″, again it just works for us. Oh, and when my dishwasher door is open there is 10″ for you to squeeze by, but it is more than worth the sacrifice, because it allowed me to include elements that were important to me.

Did you outsource any of your renovation/DIY anything?

I designed the plan myself after trying three kitchen designers that didn’t quite get my vision, at the time not using upper cabinets weren’t as popular as they are now. Although I love diys, Mr. Simple isn’t as passionate about them 🙂 we had sub-contractors do all of the work.

What was most important to you to invest in?

Probably not the answer you were expecting, but hands down – TIME, planning and thinking through every detail, you’ll never regret it! To get a feel for the size of our island I brought in our garbage cans and topped them with huge pieces of cardboard and pulled chairs up to it, walked around it, it made all the difference. I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d use/need an island as large as it is, and now I can’t imagine a smaller one! Our girl Lisa has this down, and I’m having so much fun living vicariously through her planning!

My take-aways from this renovation:
*Invest the time to really figure out what you want. (easy for me to do right now!)
*If you’re changing the layout, physically model how the new layout will work (I love Pam’s idea of using garbage cans and cardboard to get a feel for the new island.)
*Patience pays off in the end!!
To read more on Pam’s creative designing of her kitchen, be sure to check out this post:  How To Get A High End Look From Stock Cabinets.
THANK YOU my wonderful friend, for sharing your kitchen renovation, your insanely inventive ideas, and your joyful blog with me and all the world! You are one of the sweetest, kindest, and most creative people I have been lucky to get to know through blogging!
To my readers, thank you for following along as I daydream about our future kitchen renovation (as well as living room decorating, fire pit building, curb appeal adding, and on, and on!)  It means so much to me that you stop by and visit!
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Have a fantastic weekend my lovelies!!!!!

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Camille Bosley

Wednesday 17th of July 2013

Thanks for sharing! Those kitchen counters are a really great choice. Unique, you don't see them very often.

Vel Criste

Monday 1st of July 2013

I so agree, Pam, her kitchen, her style is gorgeous!

Kelly @ View Along the Way

Monday 1st of July 2013

Wow, she has amazing style! Hard to believe that's even the same space!

Calypso In The Country

Sunday 30th of June 2013

I adore her kitchen! She really has great style and is such a lovely person too!-Shelley


Saturday 29th of June 2013

Love it and great advice!! Looks amazing and Pam did all the planning herself. truly amazing.