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Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

Thanks so much for all the sweet feedback on our Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar that I shared earlier this week. I got some inquiries on RAK ideas, and thought I’d post a quick list of ideas for you. Some of these are ideas we found online, and others are RAKs that we enjoyed last year.
This year I printed out business-card sized notes, cut them out and glued them to gift tags to tuck into baggies of change or small gifts that we’re sharing in our community as part of this season of giving. It’s not fancy by any means, but you are of course welcome to save this PDF and use these notes if you’d like!

 Here are a few ideas for Christmas RAKing!

1. When you are shopping for Christmas this year, consider making purchases whose proceeds benefit a charitable organization like (RED), the company started by Bono and Bobby Shriver.  Tons of popular companies like Apple and Starbucks sell (RED) products, and those companies donate up to 50% of the sale directly to the fight against AIDS. {Read more about how (RED) is working towards an AIDS-free generation.}
Make a donation at the local food pantry, and mark the calendar to make a
donation in the summer, when their donations run low.
3. Give blood.
4. Leave baggies of quarters taped to machines
at the laundromat.
5. Make a batch of soup for someone.
6. Bring a
stranger a Christmas wreath.
7. Donate to Toys For Tots.
8. Help someone in a grocery store parking lot load bags into their car.
Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.
10. Send an anonymous present.
11. Let someone go ahead in the checkout line.
12. Take 5 minutes to pick up litter in town.
13. Ask an elderly neighbor if you can help them with something.
14. Donate books.
15. Return a
shopping cart for someone.
16. Buy a gift certificate at a restaurant or the
mall food court and then give to person behind you in line.
17. Tape a gift certificate for a free car wash
to a stranger’s car.
18. Send a care package to a soldier. (
19. Sign up to work at a charitable organization.
20. Send a funny old photo to a friend just to
make them laugh.
21. Send diapers to low-income families (
22. Send an email or a note to a manager about an
employee that does a great job.
23. Leave a good book in a hospital waiting room
(with a note that it’s free for the taking).
24. Tape change in a baggy to a vending
25. While Christmas shopping, hand the person
behind us in line a coupon to use.
26. Bring flowers to the secretaries at our
27. Bring a coffee to someone who is working outside.
28. Hold the door for everyone going in and out of a public place for a few minutes, and say Merry Christmas to them.
29. Compliment a mother of young children in a store for doing such a great job with her kiddos. 
30. Drop of a few pair of warm socks to your town’s senior center.
31. Leave a big tip for a restaurant server.
32. Hide a few dollar bills around the Dollar Store.
33. Forgive someone who is in a bad mood and be extra kind to them.
34. Help a neighbor who is shoveling snow.
35. Leave a small surprise for your family members.
36. Bring a small treat to your neighbors.
37. Pay everyone you talk to a compliment in the course of one day.
38. Sponsor a child through Compassion.
39. Pay the tab for the person behind you in a coffee drive through.
40. Ask someone if they need help wrapping Christmas gifts.

If you are sick of me presenting myself as Debbie Do-Good on this blog, I just want you to know that so far in the 6 days of Advent we have actually only completed ONE random act of kindness. The kids and I have a big night ahead of us, scurrying around town under the cover of darkness! (Also – my house is a mess and my kids just informed me that they have no clean laundry.)
The point of the RAK Advent Calendar, to me, is to get my kids thinking about what they can do to brighten the lives of others and not just think about themselves and their own needs and wants at this time of year. It’s not meant to add more stress to a Mama who already has enough on her plate! 
SO – if you are starting to feel the stress of the holidays – 

Take a deep breath!
Put on some Christmas music that you LOVE (start here!)
Light a candle that smells GOOD.
Forget the things that don’t really matter. If you don’t take every decoration out of the boxes, is it going to ruin your Christmas? NO.
Take a few moments for yourself.
Have a cup of tea. Find some PEACE in your day.
ENJOY the sights and sounds of the season.
Watch a Christmas movie or two!

Wishing you a weekend of fun and peace and joy and quiet moments.
Thank you for a taking a few moments out of your busy day to visit me here!

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Traci Hutton

Tuesday 10th of December 2013

This is lovely! What an amazing idea for the season...

Vel Criste

Monday 9th of December 2013

This is absolutely something we're going to do with my family!!!! I love this idea, and would be fortunate to give and receive one !!!! thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas Lisa!

Albertina M. Cisneros

Monday 9th of December 2013

I love this project!! How wonderful....All the ideas you posed for us. What I have done before is pay the toll for the car in back of me...someone did it for me once and it was such a fun surprise.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door

Saturday 7th of December 2013

I love this post and I love your attitude! We should all remember these words. And thanks for the great list of ideas!

pam {simple details}

Saturday 7th of December 2013

Wow, love your awesome list! It's great to show the kids even the smallest of acts make a difference, and I agree it's always more fun when you're being sneaky, nothing like ringing a door bell and running like crazy not to get caught! Happy RAKing!!