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How To Avoid and Fix Cracked Spray Paint

Isn’t this the worst?……
…….You prep a piece and spray it, but when you come back to give it another coat you discover the paint has cracked??
Today’s tip…..
 • one •
Use a fine grit sandpaper to very gently sand the cracked areas, feathering them into the rest of the piece, until the lines of the cracks are no longer visible.


• two •
Wipe the piece with a damp paper towel or rag and dry.
• three •
Spray primer over the sanded area. I find that just using spray paint on the sanded area does not fill it in enough – the primer is a thicker coat and will even out the finish.
• four •
When the primer is completely dry, VERY lightly sand the primer coat (which doesn’t always go on super smooth), wipe down with a wet rag and dry, and give your piece a finish coat of spray paint.
And done! It’s like your spray painting woes never even happened!

A few quick tips to avoid cracks:

• don’t spray in really hot or cold conditions •

Ideal temperature to spray paint is between 50°-90°F with humidity below 85%

• make sure your piece is clean and dry •
and my biggest problem….

• don’t overspray •

Several light coats are preferable to one or two heavy coats.

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid overspraying when you are hitting a piece with lots of curves like my lights. Just spray what you can from the angle you are at, let dry thoroughly, then come back and change the position of the piece to get other spots rather than trying to cover the entire piece at once.


Now go have fun, spray paint lovers!!

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Monday 12th of April 2021

I've tried this multiple times, perfectly sanding, cleaning, wiping, and having an impeccable surface in ideal temperature/humidity conditions. I continue to get spidering with even mist coats on these plastic ceiling fan blades with Rust-oleum 2X in satin white. I'm on attempt #4 at this point. Frustrating.

Vel Criste

Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

Happens to me all the time and I never knew how to fix it!Thanks!


Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

I have most definitely experienced the cracks more than once, only I was too lazy to fix it. The sconces turned out great Lisa!