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Project Design: How To Make A Beautiful Bed

Welcome to Project Design, the series created by the talented
I’m so glad to join a wonderful group of bloggers to talk about
  How To Make A Beautiful Bed!

My version of  How To Make A Beautiful Bed is the Everywoman’s guide……

how to make an unfussy bed that not only feels wonderful,

but is also so attractive that you want to crawl back into it as soon as it’s made,

and can’t wait to slide under the sheets when you are dead tired at the end of the day.

Ahhhhh, heavenly comfy bed!

Over the years I have relaxed my bedding style and even how I make the bed…..

I would say it takes me no longer than one minute to straighten the fitted sheet, pull up the top sheet and coverlet, and straighten up the pillows to make it all look tidy and comfy.

Taking this one minute makes such a difference when I walk into my room at the end of the day!!

To combat allergies, I always buy bedding that can be thrown in the washing machine,

so no memory foam anything for us.

An upholstered headboard provides an extra layer of comfort if you like to read or watch tv in bed.
Upholstered headboards can be vacuumed with a HEPA filter occasionally
to pick up pollen and dust mites.

We have a pillow top mattress that is several years old. To give it a new lease on life, I added a mattress pad that has a thick layer on top. So yes – a pillow top on top of a pillow top!


I’ve been slowly buying them for my kids’ beds too when I see them on sale. So comfy!

Keep in mind that if you have a pillow top mattress pad you will need deeper fitted sheets, or you can use a flat sheet on the bottom with folded and tucked corners.

Speaking of sheets….
Don’t be fooled by high thread counts – they don’t always ensure sheets will super soft!
Often high thread count sheets are blends such as polyester and cotton.
For durability and softness, look for 100% cotton or linen.
100% cotton sheets will soften with every wash and if you can find Pima or Egyptian cotton in your price range, snatch them up! They are superior in strength and feel.
While you may imagine linen sheets would be stiff and super wrinkly all the time, like cotton, linen fibers soften considerably over the years and are incredibly durable. They are also very pricey but a worthwhile investment that you will likely have for many years.
If high quality sheets are not in your budget,
treat yourself to nice pillowcases where you lay your head to rest each night.
Our favorite sheets right now are NOT Egyptian cotton, pima cotton or linen – they are 300 thread count regular old 100% cotton – but they have such a lovely feel to them! I bought them at Homegoods to have as a second set, and we actually prefer them to our supposedly higher end, 800 thread count set. If you know what to look for, Homegoods is a great resource high quality bedding.
In addition to lovely sheets I like to layer our bed with a coverlet and a medium-density down comforter in a duvet. I bought our duvet at a Bloomindales bedding sale when we first got a king bed, probably 15 years ago, and it is a great example of how investing in fine linens is worth it.
This duvet has endured the baby and toddler years straight on through to my Dorito-eating teenagers who I occasionally find lounging on my bed watching tv. 🙂  It’s been scrubbed and washed countless times and still looks new!
The down comforter stays on our bed all year long; in the summer I keep it folded at the bottom of the bed for when the AC kicks in, and in the fall and winter I pull it up and make a cozy warm cocoon for Game Of Thrones nights and deep winter slumbering.
 If you have a duvet, this video on how to quickly put on a duvet cover.
I launder our bedding once a week or so with Mrs. Meyers Lavender detergent –
the scent is so subtle and clean!
It’s a splurge for me because as far as laundry detergent goes, it’s super expensive, so I only use it on our sheets and towels, and then I hide it from my teenagers (they do their own laundry and would think nothing of using up all my liquid gold!)
I don’t use bleach on bedding because it’s so hard on fine fibers. OxiClean is my go-to for pre-treating and soaking any stains, and I occasionally throw in a half cup of baking soda to keep my whites white and soft.
When I do my one-minute bed making in the mornings, putting even the littlest effort to making it look nice is so gratifying. Some days, this is the only part of my house that is remotely put together and I appreciate coming up to bed even more!
Ironing your pillow cases and the edge of the flat sheet make a bed feel so luxurious and finished!
However, if you’re like me there is about a 0% chance that you are going to find the time to put on mascara, forget about ironing the sheets.
You could just cover up your rumpled sheets with your comforter, coverlet or duvet,
or you can do this little trick that takes no time and makes your bed look polished and inviting –
take this wrinkled mess….
fold it under and smooth it all down.
Straighten up the pillows with all the open ends facing either in or out, with your pillows either propped up…..
or stacked, hotel style.
Pillow openings both facing out or in.
A few squishy throw pillows that also offer a little extra propping when reading in bed.
Fabrics that are soft and supple beckon you to relax and rejuvenate.
Super comfortable, fresh, and inviting…..
that is what a beautiful bed is to me!
Many thanks to Mary Ann and Cindy for inviting me to participate in this edition of Project Design!
Now let’s see how these amazing ladies make a beautiful bed!!
Thank you as always for visiting and
I wish you a restful, lovely slumber this weekend!


Wall color –  Benjamin Moore Gentlemen’s Grey #2062-20

Mattress pad – Similar

Sheets –  Tahari  (I found mine at Marshalls but these are the same ones)

Duvet –  Bloomingdales (many years ago)

Quilt – Homegoods

White throw pillows – Homegoods

Throw – Homegoods

Upholstered headboard – DIY

No Sew Bedskirt – DIY

Fabric for headboard and bedskirt – Fabric Place Basement

Wall lights – DIY

Curtains – Ikea (no longer available)

Bamboo rollup shades – Lowes

Wood mounted photo over bed – DIY

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Friday 2nd of October 2015

Hi Lisa, Love the article! Great tips with the detergent and the fold down. I'm wondering if you have a source for the pillow top mattress pad?Thanks!Kathy


Monday 28th of September 2015

Clever tips! I love the idea of folding the sheet under!

Happy day!karianne

Kris Jarrett

Saturday 26th of September 2015

So much great advice here (and beautiful images!). I think I need to buy one of those pillow toppers for our mattress - looks heavenly!!

pam {simple details}

Saturday 26th of September 2015

Oh Lisa, this looks so soothing! I love your beautiful fresh neutrals and first on my list tomorrow is the detergent before I do our bedding, it sounds like a splurge that would be worth every penny! I can't wait! :)


Saturday 26th of September 2015

Lisa, I love the "tucking under" idea! I am not an ironer and this is fantastic for those sheets of mine that I just can't flatten!! I am a lavender user as well ... the smell makes it feel luxurious!! I couldn't agree more about investing in linens that just get better with age!