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One Room Challenge | The Foyer, Week Two – Paint and Doors

It’s week 2/8 in the One Room Challenge!


A quick update – this week was all about PAINT!  


We’ve lived here for 10 years. As soon as we moved in I painted every bit of orange wood trim white (talk about instant gratification!!!) A few years later, while we were still waiting for the right time to do a more extensive renovation, I painted all the doors on our first floor black for a dramatic change. 

I still love black interior doors!

However, now that we finally tackled our hardwood floors and the kitchen our house has a lot of blue and white going on, the black doesn’t feel right anymore and I’m ready to go lighter with the doors again. See how that black door in our foyer is just not all that copacetic with the family room navy?

See the this One Room Challenge reveal here.

I’ve thought about lightening them up before but it’s so time consuming – especially with French doors – that I’ve been putting it off. It took the One Room Challenge to light the fire!

Black doors in white foyer

There are 5 doors in here and I’m taking 4 of them from black to white –  the closet door, 2 French doors that open up to our living room, and another French door that opens to our basement TV/teen hangout – with the fresh, bright white Chantilly Lace, a close match to our new kitchen cabinets.

I also finished painting the board and batten, crown moulding and stair risers with this. 

Are you bored to tears with this room makeover yet? White, white and more white? I KNOW!! This room needs some life!!

The Wild Card of this ORC is whether we’ll be able to get a new front door and sidelights installed within the confines of these 8 weeks. Ordinarily that would be no prob, but given current state of affairs……I’m not holding my breath! The new front door is one of the best features of our foyer remodel that I’ve been dreaming of for years!!!!! We’re replacing the drafty old door above with a 3/4 lite door and sidelights along the lines of this beauty!!

Foyer by Martha O'Hara Interiors, Landmark Photography

You guys I am ridiculously excited about this change!! I’m not gonna lie. CANNOT WAIT! Mark asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I immediately said A NEW FRONT DOOR!!! 

This side of our house is pretty dark and I’m so, so excited to bring more natural light in here. Saying goodbye to this junky old door hardware that I have spray painted multiple times is not going to devastate me!! GIVE ME ALL THE NATURAL LIGHT AND SHINY NEW HARDWARE!! 

Fingers crossed we can get the new door installed (that project also requires some work to the rotted exterior of our house, so it’s not so simple, offffff course).  Either way, the old or the new door will be sporting some kind of pretty shade of moody blue paint this time around!

Sherwin Williams Naval in a room design for a teen boy.

Benjamin Moore Marine Blue

Or perhaps my favorite old standby…….



I have a piece of furniture to use in here that I bought at Homesense a while back. I wasn’t sure I would use in here but it’s kind of grown on me. More on this later!

I shopped my house for mirrors and came up with 3 possibilities! One from Hannah’s room. One from the kids’ bathroom. And the third from the dredges of our basement. I don’t love any of them but am keeping an open mind. Stay tuned!

I also have a new lamp and a new flush mount light that was installed pre-pandemic.

I am on the hunt for a rug and new art. 


Let’s take a look at the punch list:

Finishing the new stair trim and paint 

Installing a new runner

Giving our closet a makeover 

Adding some more much needed storage in the form of furniture.

A whole lotta door painting.

The details – furniture, lighting, art, accessories.

The wild card – having the front door and side lights replaced.

The goal – to make our foyer warm and welcoming and to no longer cringe when someone comes to our front door!


It’s tricky to share each week without ruining the element of surprise – which is part of the fun of the ORC, don’t you think? 

Okay time to check out more dramatic updates from the One Room Challenge guest participants! There are tons of exciting room makeovers to watch this round! See you next week with progress from our foyer!

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Corinna - TheBohoAbode

Thursday 21st of May 2020

Oh wow the black doors are gorgeous but I can totally understand why you want to change them. The architectural details are stunning either way. I love that Gentleman's Grey color. I'm looking around my house thinking where I can use it now.


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Bring on all the white! So light and bright I love it! That door package is gorgeous and will made a big impact!

Jen @ Jenron Designs

Tuesday 19th of May 2020

First of all I love the paint name! The color is gorgeous and makes a tremendous different in this space already!


Sunday 17th of May 2020

Nice! This is going to look so great!


Sunday 17th of May 2020

So exciting! I used Chantilly Lace for our bathroom ORC project and Gentleman's gray is on my office ceiling, both fabulous colors!