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One Room Challenge | The Foyer, Week Three – A Few Fun Things!

I’m deep in the not-so-pretty trenches of the One Room Challenge but it feels good to be making progress on this room that has been half done for a good year now!

To bring you up to speed, I’m pulling together the foyer in our 80s fixer-upper. After almost a decade of living here we finally removed the hideous dated tile floor and had hardwoods installed, the treads of our stairs refinished, and also had our newel post and spindles replaced. I have also previously installed board and batten in here.

Week 3 found me once again with a paint brush in my hand for most of it – Lord help me if I ever think it’s a good idea to paint French doors again (there are 3 in this little foyer, plus 2 solid doors! Once the painting is finally done I’ll be knocking out the trim under the treads – the final piece of the stair renovation before I can add the runner. 

Since I’m mired in the muck of renovating right now, I thought I’d share with you some of the fun design elements that I’m bringing in here! 

A new ceiling light…….the small chandelier we had in here before was not exactly practical for our 7’8″ ceiling height and our tall friends and family who walk through the front door! This white glass and brass clover flush mount compliments the pendant lights in the kitchen and thoughtfully won’t knock anyone on the head. 

A new lamp…..the capiz shell base is perfect in here with a little gold Rub n Buff.

The stair runner……after considering a lot of other options, I came back to seagrass! We loved it the first time and I think the navy blue binding on this one will give it a pretty contrast to the stain on the stair treads. 

I unrolled the runner in the foyer and Kaia immediately started napping on it, so I’d say she approves! I’m really looking forward to having a runner on the stairs again because she flies up and down them 50 times a day. 

I’m still on the online hunt for a rug for the foyer that works with the seagrass and doesn’t show this little lady’s fur!

A 3-drawer chest…..I’ve had in mind an old dresser, something with a beautiful patina and SOUL, that has storage, and have been keeping my eye out with measuring tape in tow for a good year. I couldn’t find anything that fits the bill (or the short length of this wall, which is 40″). Enter, this piece I found at Homesense a few months ago. The mirror is from our kids’ bathroom and was auditioning for this role.

I like it – do I love it??? Love is a strong word. BUT….


  • I can cram a lot of stuff in those drawers (currently housing all of our gift wrap supplies and paper napkins/plates/etc. for entertaining/tailgating/summer
  • It does fit perfectly here
  • It was affordable 
  • Here in Massachusetts most of our stores are still closed so that is also limiting my options/playing into this piece staying


  • It looks like it’s from Homesense (so…..not particularly special)
  • The color is very similar to the wood floors….which is a bit much

At this point I’d say it’s a keeper, but I’m holding off on whether to paint it until the runner is installed and I find a rug. What do you think?

Next up…new door knobs on order!!….ever since we did the kitchen over I have been thinking about changing out our door knobs from brushed nickel to brass. I LOVE the vintage brass door knobs I bought on Etsy for our pantry….

How to give French doors an antique mirror finish.

…and it’s true that little details like door hardware can really elevate a space. Since we need to replace our front door hardware (more on that project in a minute!) I figured this was the time to make the change and upgrade all the hardware in here. I went with these beauties to compliment the style of the pantry doors and cannot wait to install them when they come in! 

I bought them on eBay because this seller is able to ship it quickly and offered free shipping, but found the same product at the same price elsewhere.

We’ll use an entry door hardware set from the same line for the front door so the brass finish will coordinate. This hardware is a significant investment but we really love this weight and quality of these products, especially for the front door. I haven’t purchased it yet but like this one….

A front door update!! After considering our options, we’ve decided to tackle the replacement of the front door as PHASE TWO of the the foyer makeover, because the outside of the house needs some work done too, including having the pediment over the door replaced and our front steps rebuilt, so my beautiful new front door dreams are going to have to wait a bit longer. It won’t be done within the ORC but I’m still so excited to get that big item crossed off our home improvement list!! 

New England Front Door


I’ll be back next week with more progress on this punch list!

Finishing the new stair trim and paint 

Installing a new runner

Giving our closet a makeover 

Adding some more much needed storage in the form of furniture

A whole lotta door painting

The details – furniture, lighting, art, accessories

The wild card – having the front door and side lights replaced – SUMMER/FALL 2020

The goal – to make our foyer warm and welcoming


In the meantime, head over to the One Room Challenge site and check out all the amazing room makeovers happening this round! Many thanks as always to ORC creator Linda Weinstein, and media partner Better Homes & Gardens!

Have a great week ahead!

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Monday 15th of June 2020

Paint it! Then go over it with a darker glaze. It will really make all that gorgeous detail on the drawers pop and you'll have a unique piece!


Thursday 18th of June 2020

That sounds pretty Emily! I keep envisioning it in blue but have yet to reach a verdict :)


Wednesday 27th of May 2020

LOVE!!! That dresser would look great in navy or distressed denim blue!


Tuesday 26th of May 2020

I think the dresser is too wide for that space. Keep looking- I can tell you don’t really want to keep it. Do you check FB marketplace?


Tuesday 26th of May 2020

I love the chest you found! I would never guess home goods. And the hardware?! So pretty!


Monday 25th of May 2020

It is so good to be back on your mailing list. Enjoying reading to read about your makeovers. I think I would paint the cabinet in the foyer.