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We made it! 
Who needs a cocktail? Kidding, kidding. Kind of. Not really.
First, I must say,
Rethinking what’s already in a room, and layering in some fresh new pieces (and some old ones too) is such an engaging puzzle from start to finish.
This is my client’s living room. 
(the cheap trick of before-and-afters is to take horrible cell phone pictures with terrible lighting at the beginning, 
and then break out the big camera for the afters 🙂 )
Short story:
 this family – mom, dad and two growing boys, are SO fun and love to entertain.
They recently had their kitchen and dining room made over into one big beautiful space.
The new kitchen is between a really pretty sunroom
and the living room, which is a great big space with tons of natural light from a large bow window, 
but a room that was rarely used.
It just needed a bit of tweaking!
The big game changers we made in here:  
1//  making the room feel like it belonged to this family!
….and 2//  changing up the curtains and rods!
We found the discontinued Pottery Barn Terri Trellis drapes on eBay. What a difference they make!
We used the blackout-lined Terri Trellis drapes – the sheers are still available at PB but the blackout lining gives these curtains a great weight and they hang beautifully as a result.
I hung 2 panels on each side of this very large window.
The plan for the armoire…..instead of moving it in all of it’s 47 tons of existence out of the room, use it as an anchor for the space, with family gallery walls on either side.
Colored photos of this cute family were a must in this neutral room!
Leaving a little space to add to was by design. Lots of fun years ahead!

Trading out the one big overstuffed chair and ottoman for 2 club chairs and a slipper chair made a big impact too.
The canvas over the couch is a bold piece, but my clients really like it and I felt like it reflected their JOYFUL and HAPPY personalities! Did I mention how fun they are?
I gave the canvas a simple DIY frame to finish it off and we pulled the blue out of this piece as an accent color in the room. The pillows need tweaking… in they need to be 22″s and not 18″s.
And a big furry throw is a must.
You might have seen this thrift store score on Instagram….
I love seeing the plans come to life, with changes we incorporated along the way. A photo of a place that is special to this family will eventually make it’s way onto the wall to the right of the windows.
On the other side of the windows is the framed photo of the beach where this couple met,
a part of Cape Cod that their street happens to be named!
(In addition to using art that represents them, it also subtly repeats the blue.)
“As far as anyone knows, we are a nice normal family” 
-favorite quote from homeowner during this room refresh
This cute slipper chair rounds out the conversation area without crowding it, and the mirrored side table adds a little sparkle 
(although I’m thinking the color of the table might change in the near future!)
We kept:  the rug, armoire, coffee table, a side table between the club chairs, the sideboard, and many picture frames that we pulled from all over the house. In an effort to break up matchy-matchy furniture, the coffee table might get swapped out at a later date.
I looked all over the state of Massachusetts for the perfect simple basket for the top of the armoire and then Linda texted me that she had found one –
in her garage, with cleats in it!!!!
The peace lily was looking a little sad with it’s plastic pot so we gave it a regal copper one and now it’s feeling pretty hip.

I am a minimalist with coffee table styling.

$3.99 Trader Joes flowers go along way with greens from the yard.

Finally, the bar…..

An old mirror homeowner Linda found in her attic got a paint job…..

…the perfect anchor for this side of the room and a great way to bounce the natural light around 
(plus liquor bottles look so pretty reflected in a mirror!)
And that’s a wrap folks!
These clients have been a DREAM to work with, 
they purchased items I recommended within moments of receiving my emails, were game for anything I suggested, and sent me texts repeatedly telling me how happy there were as the ball started rolling with this room. THANK YOU wonderful clients for allowing me to share your room before, during and after this room refresh!
A special thanks to our fearless leader, Linda at Calling It Home, who not only dreamed up this concept and enlists 20 fabulous designers for annual fall and spring One Room Challenges with many fabulous sponsors, but also invites the great big wide world to play along as link participants. This is my third time linking up to the ORC, you can read about my other projects here:
Thanks for checking out my One Room Challenge! I’m sure there will be many fabulous rooms to catch up on over the weekend! Don’t miss the ORC Designers for this series, they shared their jaw- dropping before and after’s yesterday, including our very own
talented, resourceful and A.MAZING Pam at Simple Details!
Cheers to another productive season of the One Room Challenge!
XO, Lisa

Source List
wall color – Indian River #985/Benjamin Moore
PB Terri Trellis blackout lined drapes – eBay
Apollo Club chairs (in front of window) – Boston Interiors
light blue lumbar pillows on club chairs – Pier1
Tufted back slipper chair – Target
gold and mirrored side table – Homegoods
mercury glass lamps on bar – Target
mercury glass table lamp next to couch – Target
burlap lampshades – Target
lucite tray on bar – Homegoods
striped dishtowel – Homegoods
round rattan coffee table tray – Homegoods
magnifying glass – Marshalls
copper and basket plant pots – Christmas Tree Shop
solid pillows on couch – Ikea
patterned pillows on couch – Lily Pillow/Etsy
braided jute rug – Ballard Designs

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Nancy Powell

Sunday 24th of May 2015

Fantastic job my friend! Such a great eye you have and such a valuable talent to help others! Xo Nancy

Jane Bernard

Wednesday 13th of May 2015

Lisa, I love what you've done in this space!! Great balance with the armoire in the middle flanked by the two wall galleries. And how you lightened everything with the club chairs and new panels. Great job!!! Amazing how simple changes can have such a big impact! :)

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

looks great Lisa!!! I feel like it's just so much lighter.

[email protected] Chaos Home

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

Great job, Lisa! Love the lighter, brighter look of this room. So pretty. I'm off to check my garage for a good basket :)

Decor To Adore

Monday 11th of May 2015

What an amazing transformation! A true job well done. I adore the color palette you selected. It feels fresh and classic. The six weeks went by so fast. I completed our entry, living and dining areas in a new to us 30 year old house. So, cheers to us! Have a wonderful weekend.