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A Cape Cod Shop & Rustic Wood Love

Last weekend when Mark and I snuck away to the Cape
we made an impromptu stop at this shop in Chatham.
OH MY GOSH!!!! We were both dying the second we walked in the door.
GORGEOUS reclaimed wood tables. The wood for all the tabletops, at least a hundred years old.
 All the finished table tops are loose from the bases they are on 
so you can pick and choose the top and base you like best.
How gorgeous is this table top with all of that patina?
It was already sold and heading to a Cape Cod home.

All the products from the this wood shop are made from authentic reclaimed wood from barns and structures throughout New England. They use various species of wood that start out like this block below – notice the Roman numeral markings on the top that indicated this piece’s placement in a structure long ago.

I love pieces that have the original markings preserved. How cool is that!

The shop takes all kinds of custom orders, from tables to benches, consoles, and coffee tables.
We chatted with the shop owner about having a barn wood countertop made for the beverage center we are planning as part of our kitchen renovation. He showed us some pictures of countertops they have made and installed in some really gorgeous homes on the Cape.
I love the character a bit of rustic wood brings to a new kitchen!
We’ll see if we still have money in the budget to add a bit of reclaimed wood in the form of a counter or ceiling beams after knocking down walls, rerouting plumbing and electricity, installing hardwood flooring, and buying all new appliances and cabinetry!
HA HA HA HA  I think we both know how that’s going to go!
If you’re in the Chatham area and have a thing for the smell of freshly sawed wood 
and the touch of varnished wood that is smooth as butter, 
then I highly recommend you make a stop here!
1731 Main Street, Chatham, Massachusetts

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pam {simple details}

Tuesday 19th of May 2015

Who needs a refrigerator? I'd go for the reclaimed wood in any form!!!


Tuesday 19th of May 2015

Oh please find a way to get some of this in your plan!! Thanks for the tip ... I will definitely seek this shop out soon!!

Brenna Morgan

Sunday 17th of May 2015

I'm in love! I want that wood island! They all are beautiful!


Friday 15th of May 2015

I love the warmth of wood in a kitchen and those tables are stunning! The image with the wood on the island is amazing - happy weekend!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

Thursday 14th of May 2015

those are STUNNING! i hope you do have it in the budget!