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One Room Challenge | Bathroom | Week 3

Guess what folks? We are officially at the ORC halfway point! That’s about the time when I start realizing there are only a few weeks left to do a boatload of work,  I’m way behind schedule, and it’s time to FREAK OUT (while keeping it all in perspective that it’s just a room makeover, of course!) ?

If you’re new here, I’ve taken on the renovation of our half bath off of our kitchen (which also doubles as our high traffic laundry room, just to add to the chaos of ripping apart a room!)  I’m doing this reno in real time, trying to accomplish the entire project, from finalizing the design to ordering products, demoing the space, and putting it all back together, within the confines of the ORC’s six weeks. Seems do-able, right?

A light and coastal design plan for a beige and boring bathroom.

Wellllll…..they don’t call this a challenge for nothin’. As you surely know, any renovation project is an orchestra of moving parts, and if you’re on a strict timeline there’s always a bit of finger crossing and clicking your heels together three times and wishing on stars that everything will fall into place.

I’m currently in a waiting pattern for the tile, the new toilet (seriously excited about the new toilet, not even kidding! Did I mention it’s WHITE?!!), the oyster shells for the mirror, and the window treatment. So basically all the big stuff. And there are only 3 weeks left. YEP.

I did manage to remove the vinyl flooring and I’ll tell you more about that next week, because I also managed to shatter my phone that contains all sorts of good before/during/after photos. Here’s a sneak peak at what my life looks like right now, don’t be jealous!!!


To stay motivated during the chaos of renovating, I’ve also been working on some of the pretty parts…..namely, what’s going on the walls! The walls are white in here, and the floors will be marble, so I was envisioning something with a little pop of color, a print of a watercolor or oil perhaps….but my direction completely went out the window when I started poking around on Minted because there are a MILLION gorgeous prints that I would love. I spent an evening next to Mark on the couch while he watched the Bruins and I considered my options. Mark liked literally every single one I showed him so he was no help in narrowing them down.

If you love the coastal look too, here are a few of my top contenders you may enjoy! Can you guess which one I chose?   (Affliliate links are included in this post for your convenience.)


Stunning coastal art limited edition prints.



 1| Under Water by Chelsey Scott

Under Water print by Chelsey Scott via Minted.


2 | Ocean Landscape by Kelly Witmer

Ocean Landscape print by Kelly Witmer via MInted.


3 | Waters Edge by Becky Kisabeth Gibbs

Waters Edge print by Becky Kisabeth Gibbs via Minted.

4 | Oceanic by Leslie M. Ward

Oceanic print by Leslie M. Ward via MInted.


5 | West Coast by Carol Dysart

West Coast print by Carol Dysart via Minted.

6 | Dreams+Waves by Jenni Kupelian

Dreams+Waves print by Jenni Kupelian for Minted.

7 | Beach by Yao ChengBeach print by Yao Cheng via Minted

8 | Portofino Afternoon by Three Kisses Studio

9 | Roil by Courtney Crane

10 | Across The Wetland by Qing Ji

11 | Arise by Kelly Johnston

12 | Divinity by Julia Contacessi

I know art is subjective but seriously – aren’t these all gorgeous???? So hard to choose!

If you are choosing a print (or a rug, or patterned pillows or curtains) from an online site for a room, here are a couple tips I use with my design clients to get a feel for a piece before purchasing.

Enlarge the print on a tablet, laptop, even your phone, and see it in the room.  

We all know how a computer interpretation of colors can be wildly different from what something looks like in real life, but this at least gives you a FEEL for what the item might look like in the actual room.

See the print with the other elements in the room by making a design board.

This is so helpful to envision how everything will look together. (That’s why I love doing the Paint Color Crush design boards on Fridays!! I’m taking a brief hiatus during the ORC but they’ll be back soon!)

For the bathroom, I tried a bunch of prints with the design board I had already created to give me an idea of it would work. I absolutely adored a few of them but this helped me decide on one (and guess what, it’s none of these beauties!)

 Using a design board is helpful in choosing art for a room.

Thanks for following along on the journey of this little bathroom and my real-time reno


thanks to Linda of Calling It Home for creating and running the One Room Challenge show – you can see all the other challengers’ projects here!

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Sarah Sofia Knepp

Thursday 27th of April 2017

Lisa, I am loving all your coastal prints! This bathroom is going to be so beautiful! Excited to see it on reveal day! Let's do this! XOXO, Sarah


Monday 24th of April 2017

I love everything so far!!!! Such great art choices from which to choose.


Tuesday 25th of April 2017

Thank you Mary Ann! Yes there are too many good choices for art. I love and want it all :)


Monday 24th of April 2017

This is going to be so beautiful! I just came back from a Florida vacation so I am all over this coastal vibe! What design board template do you use? I'm completely new at this and can't seem to find one that works well for me. Thanks so much!


Tuesday 25th of April 2017

Oh lucky you! I so needed a Florida vaca this year.....the winter just wore me out! I use Picasa for photo editing and design boards (the free software you can download from Google). It has a collage feature that is great for pulling together designs!

Jennifer Griffin

Monday 24th of April 2017

I'm catching up... your bathroom is going to be amazing, Lisa! I can't wait to see those marble floors, and the artwork will be a gorgeous addition. Hang in there, you're getting close!


Tuesday 25th of April 2017

Thanks Jennifer.....I made a lot of progress this week that makes me feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel!


Sunday 23rd of April 2017

So many great art choices, Lisa! Can't wait to see the new floor tile installed too! And bummer about your phone mishap... Cheering you on to the finish line!


Monday 24th of April 2017

Thanks so much Carol. In the scheme of life the phone is least I kept telling myself that when I had to replace it last week! HA!