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Our Classic New England Autumn Front Door

Welcome to autumn in New England!

Today I’m thrilled to be joining a fun group of bloggers to share our fall front porches.

My family lives in a quiet little town in Massachusetts, about halfway between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island.


Seven years ago we bought a standard colonial “project house” that needed lots of typical 30-year old updates, and we’ve been slowly working on it since the day we moved in.

One of the big things on our house bucket list was having the house painted and we finally did that this year. After years of debating the new color, at the last minute I decided on the classic New England white with black shutters and we love it!


My decorating philosophy is to make the most of what you’ve got. Don’t wait for the day that your corner of the world is totally renovated/redecorated/bigger/better/more beautiful to love your home and your life because WHO KNOWS what the next day will bring!

I’m learning to have not only patience for renovating, but also a greater sense of gratitude and enjoyment of the process with each passing year.

The crumbling cast concrete front steps are original to our house and their wrought iron railings were rusting out at their base – I was thrilled when one of them literally fell right out into the bushes, and the other came out with just a little coaxing :). We planned to clad the concrete in bluestone and stone veneer like this post from This Old House.

It turns out our crumbling steps have also pulled away from the house and sunk a bit, so we’re going to replace them altogether and while we’re at it, make the steps wider.

Fall front door on a classic New England colonial, with iron urns

In preparation for the new, wider steps, we recently pulled out and relocated some shrubs, and now the front of our house looks pretty desolate. The sad, crumbling old steps were just begging for a pop of color and a bit of cheer this fall!

And thankfully, Mother Nature came to the rescue with her most glorious autumn shades.  

Ever since my friend @sixtyfifthavenue Instastoried about her gorgeous fall planters I’ve been slightly obsessed with finding some mini-kale plants. They are the perfect compliment to mums and wild and crazy ornamental grasses in fall planters. I love the curly edges and how the water droplets cling to them!

I emulated the look of a large and spendy Frontgate-style coir mat with two Target mats that I duct-taped together on the bottom. The pattern doesn’t match up perfectly, but it’s close enough for me!

Our front door hardware was so worn out and sad when we moved here, so long ago I painted it with brushed nickel spray paint until the day we replaced the door…….seven years later……..we’re still rocking the same door and spray painted hardware.

I  just gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint and I love how it all kind of disappears now!

And these bright colors are pretty good at distracting the eye!


I’m so glad you stopped by our humble abode for a fall front “porch” visit!

While you’re here check out the pea stone patio and stone-veneered fire pit I built in the back yard…….

Stone veneered fire pit using a cast cement kit from Stone Farm

or come on in and chat for a while!


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Special thanks to Dawn at Creative Cain Cabin for putting together this fun fall porch tour, and happy week ahead to all!



Iron egg and dark urns – local nursery

Door mats

Whale’s tail door knocker (painted black)

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Saturday 14th of October 2017

Love the colors you chose, everything looks gorgeous! And I agree about not waiting for things to be finished and perfect to enjoy. We have matching concrete steps complete with the rusty hole where the railings were. One day we will cover or replace.


Thursday 19th of October 2017

I love that we're twinning with our white house with black shutters and rusted out old concrete steps!! I'm pretending they give our house a little patina :)


Wednesday 11th of October 2017

The purple mums are my favorite! And the baby kale is so cute! I love how you put everything together on one side, it makes a big statement!


Thursday 12th of October 2017

Thanks so much Dara! Our stairs are not very wide so grouping everything together actually gives people room to walk up them. Sometimes I allow a little function to creep in around here :) So fun doing this tour with you!


Wednesday 11th of October 2017

I love it, Lisa! I don't even notice the "fixes" that are needed on the steps. The plants, door mat, sprayed door/hardware look really good! Love your decorating philosophy... it's something I need to remind myself of more often than not lately. :)

Jordan | A Blue Nest

Tuesday 10th of October 2017

Our houses could be twins... Or cousins, at least! I love your motto of decorating where you're at. We are trying to do that over here, too! Your planters, pumpkins and plants are simply gorgeous!


Wednesday 11th of October 2017

Thank you so much Jordan! I hope your sweet babe is feeling better! It was so fun doing this porch tour with you :)

Debbie - Mountain Mama

Monday 9th of October 2017

Gorgeous, Lisa!! There are always projects to be done when you own a house, no doubt...but isn't it the best feeling to own the home you live in? All that color looks fab against the new paint, what a warm welcome!


Monday 9th of October 2017

Thanks so much Debbie! Yes there will always be a project to do but I'm oh so grateful for this roof over our heads.....especially lately with so many people losing their homes via the hurricanes and fires!