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My Five Favorites | Decorative Accessories

Hello friends and welcome to the February edition of My Five Favorites!

This month my wonderful co-hosts Kris of Driven By Decor, Pam of Simple Details and Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles and I are dishing on our favorite accessories along with our guest host, the very talented Emily of Emily A. Clark! Mama of five and blogger extraordinaire, Emily shares tons of stylish and simple ways to make your home beautiful – I especially loved this post on creating more polished abstract art!

emily a clark abstract art

I’m looking forward to seeing what styling tips these ladies have up their sleeves!

While I love perusing the aisles of Homegoods, these are my go-tos, the staples that I love to use when styling a space.

my five favoritesoneBOOKS

I know – this one is so obvious – but it really is the easiest accessory ever! Obviously wonderful on a bookshelf but also perfect for pop of color around the house as needed, add height to a vignette or prop up a framed photo or a small lamp. I like the tip by Jenny of Little Green Notebook to organize books in a bookcase first by genre then very loosely by color.



Sweet and sentimental, and also a great size for a flower bud next to the sink in the bathroom or on a bedside table in a guest room, to hold toothpicks for an appetizer, really anywhere that could use a little pretty.

Silver and pewter cups get a great patina over time which just adds to their charm.





Like pewter or silver baby cups, I love these copper mugs that have come into vogue in the last couple of years for their versatility and the little bit of bling they bring to a space. The Moscow Mule mugs are perfect for little flower arrangements (a great way to make a bunch of grocery store flowers go further – divide it up into several small containers!) as well as really pretty grouped together in open shelving in your kitchen.

shine your light copper mug

An impromptu St. Patrick’s Day table last year.


The copper works so well with fall vignettes!


Last summer I used several of them for holding flatware out on our deck – my heavier mugs are sturdy enough to hold a handful of knives or forks.

moscow mule mugs (This set of 4 is a steal for under $24!)

You can also use Moscow Mule mugs to drink Moscow Mules 🙂



I love walking into a room and finding my kids playing cards together, rather than glued to their phones separately! An interesting bowl makes something ordinary like playing cards (or matchbooks or Bananagrams) into a pretty accessory. Likewise a lacquered box is the perfect hideaway for tv remotes, and glass hurricanes make a collection of wine corks or even pennies look intentional.


Fresh greens give such energy to a room!

Even this itty bitty violet that I’m nursing back to health adds a bit of life to our winter home.IMG_2727

Live plants purify the air, and bring LIFE to a space!


If you feel like you have a black thumb, check out these hard-to-kill houseplants I wrote about a while back:

hard to kill house plants

Of course you can always treat yourself to pretty cut flowers (you deserve them!!) or clip some from your yard to add some cheer to your interiors. Evergreens like cedar and pine look great solo and last for ages, but I can’t wait for spring and beauties like this out my window!


What’s one of your favorite home accessories??

I am 100% sure my co-hosts will have some great ideas – they are all amazing stylists! Pop over and visit Kris (Driven By Decor), Pam (Simple Details), Jennifer (Dimples & Tangles) and our guest host, Emily (Emily A. Clark) today.

A huge thank you to Emily for joining the series this month, we are thrilled to have you!

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cassie @ primitive & proper

Monday 8th of February 2016

great suggestions! books are my favorite! i love to read and have them all over my house!

[email protected]

Monday 8th of February 2016

Me too Cassie, I wish I hadn't given away all our books last time we moved! The one thing I love to have everywhere!


Saturday 6th of February 2016

What is the flower displayed in the final picture?

[email protected]

Monday 8th of February 2016

It's either a flowering plum or a variety of flowering cherry tree! I'm not sure but I think it might be plum.

Debbie from MountainMama

Thursday 4th of February 2016

Plants are definitely tops on my list!

Shelley | Crazy Wonderful

Thursday 4th of February 2016

Three things I want to go do right now: get our mule mugs, find some of those gorgeous silver baby mugs, and put out a stack of playing cards. My parents always had playing cards out as a child and I loved that :)


Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

You make me wanna grab some mule mugs and pewter cups Lisa! Great round-up!