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Hello lovelies! It’s been far too long. This coming week our oldest, Peter, heads back up to Vermont for his sophomore year of college, our youngest, Seanie, goes away to football camp, and Mark and I take Hannah down to DC to start her freshman year. There are a lot of FEELS going on over here at the moment (especially for this momma!) but we’re also enjoying these last few days together.

I hope you’re squeezing every last bit out of summer too, even if your kids are back in school – as far as I’m concerned it’s summertime until Labor Day!

Some Recent Loves…..

…Delicious Designs Home Our friend Roberta Sobran owns this award winning design firm as well as a retail store in Hingham, Massachusetts AND is an amazing photographer to boot! I love following Delicious Designs’ work; check out their most recent gorgeous new project by designer Jaime Moore.

Photo:  Alissa Cole

Follow Delicious Designs on Instagram and Facebook for more snippets of their work.

…….Moore Places To Go.  Doing what you love runs in the family – Roberta’s sister Dina Moore also has her own business, one that Mark and I dream of using one day!! Moore Places To Go is a boutique travel company that focuses specifically on New England (where we grew up together) and Italy, where Dina and Roberta’s mom is from and they spent their childhood summers with extended family.

Moore Places To Go travel company specializing in Italy and New England.Check out gorgeous spots like the Bay of Silence on the Moore Places To Go Facebook page.
If you’re considering a trip to either Italy or New England, Dina’s your girl!

 This wool rug I shared on a design board last year is on sale right now. We’re using the 5’x8′ in a client’s neutral foyer. Some of the pictures show it as being a really saturated medium blue but in real life it has a lot of the lighter blue on it, and kind of reminds us of a pair of worn and well-loved jeans. It sheds a bit at first, but wool is so durable and the color is fantastic for hiding traffic. Tons of other great wool rugs on sale there as well!

West Elm's distressed arabesque wool rug in midnight.

The palm printI ordered for our master bath mini-makeover came in and it’s just what this bottle of boredom bathroom needs!

Palm print for a blue and white bathroom refresh.

Now the domino affect is kicking in and I’m feeling like new lighting and hardware may be in order too. As soon as we get back from DC Hannah-less 🙁 I’ll need to immerse myself in a good project ASAP and will be banging out this makeover….don’t hold your breath for a fancy brand new marble tiled bathroom dream, but hopefully it will give those of you who are trying to make do with an outdated bathroom some fresh and affordable ideas!

My friend shared this video
on Facebook this week. I feel like I’ve been dealing with difficult situations and people left and right lately; it was a timely reminder for me to give others a little grace even when they’re being jerks.

When I saw the woman in the video was a blogger I clicked over to her Facebook page, Juggling The Jenkins. Turns out she’s been deeply inspiring people all over the place (over two million followers on FB alone!) and her story just goes to show how from the depths of despair a person can change their life and make a difference that really matters in this hard world.

Bare Minerals Bare Pro foundation….after many years of loyalty to Clinique I tried this at the prompting of my niece, and LOVE it! It evens out my skin tone, covers a broken capillary perfectly and looks flawless.

Bare Minerals Bare Pro foundation has a really nice coverage and gives skin a flawless finish.

Cheap mascara….As I’ve mentioned before, between Hannah and I we’ve tried just about every mascara out there (you can’t even see our light lashes without it!) Recently I grabbed the good old fashioned cheap stuff when we were away for the weekend and left my good one at home. I must say I don’t really see a huge difference between this and my much more expensive one, plus I’m a fan of the curved brush, and when it starts to get gunky I can just toss it without any guilt!

I love recommendations so if there is a mascara you absolutely love and can’t live without please do tell!

This song……sometimes when I’m in the car with my kids they’ll play songs from their Spotify playlists for me. Hannah shared Hold Us Together by Matt Maher……it was an instant favorite! He has an amazing voice and man, those lyrics. It’s been on repeat around here the past few weeks!

Last but not least…..watching the sun rise or set – it’s free to anyone and everyone!

Lake Winnipesaukee this summer


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


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Sunday 26th of August 2018

I love love love your list Lisa. Definitely need to watch that fb video. Thanks for posting.


Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

OMG Lisa my son is a senior at CUA!! We love the school ( my oldest graduated in 2011) and the city speaks for itself. I wish her the best...hopefully I'll bump into you over the school year.?


Monday 3rd of September 2018

Edie! That is too funny!! Orientation was my first time seeing the school and it really is pretty. I'm excited for all the opportunities Hannah has there for studying abroad and their incredible service program! Wish I was a college student again!


Monday 20th of August 2018

Hi Lisa ..... my son and daughter both went to school in DC. Such a great city to go to school in and even better to visit. Can you say what school she is attending? Good luck to all! Edie


Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

Hi Edie! My daughter is going to Catholic University. We love the city and think it's a great fit for her. Just wish it wasn't quite so far from Massachusetts!