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How To Pack Long Necklaces For Traveling

Do you wear a lot of long necklaces?? I do, and they can be a pain to pack and keep tangle-free when you travel! 

A tip for packing long necklaces for traveling that prevents them from tangling.

This is the worst!

After years of trying various travel jewelry cases, bags, and organizers, this summer I finally found the best and easiest way to pack long necklaces so they don’t get tangled on themselves or other necklaces!!!! Are you ready?


Lay out a cloth napkin on the diagonal.

Arrange your long necklaces on it at least 1-2″ apart. 

Fold over the side of the fabric next to the first necklace.

Continue to fold/roll the napkin very tightly.

The long roll can then be folded to fit in your travel bag without the necklaces getting tangled on themselves or with each other.

Keeping long necklaces from tangling

I tuck the roll right into my toiletry bag.

For bracelets, earrings and rings I have been using a pretty little makeup bag I bought at Target last year.


HUGE BONUS:  the rolled cloth napkin and small jewelry bag are so lightweight and don’t add weight to a checked bag as opposed to other more bulky jewelry travel cases. 

I LOVE this long necklace trick! I brought a whole bunch of my long necklaces to the Bahamas in June, and used this method all summer long for weekend getaways. No more frantically trying to untangle a chain in a hotel room when you have someplace to be! 

See how I hang long necklaces at home – a 20 minute DIY that keeps necklaces from getting tangled up in a jewelry box!

Easy DIY necklace hanger that takes 20 minutes to put together.

On a related note, this super easy trick for cleaning silver that I shared years ago is still one of my most popular tips (and it does a pretty good job with pewter too!)

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On Thursday I’ll be back to share our new pantry and a simple and inexpensive DIY that optimizes the space! Have a wonderful day lovelies.



Keep long necklaces from getting tangled when traveling with this simple trick.

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