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Happy Hour Picnic | + 7 More Picnics For Summer Fun

Hello friends!! Are you starting to venture back to life outside your little bubble again? It feels so good doesn’t it? When the lovely ladies of Project Design asked me to join them to share picnic ideas, my first thought went to getting a few of my local friends together for a happy hour. After this past year, seeing each other in person is definitely cause for a celebration! 

Happy Hour Picnic

Cheese, fruit and nuts. I could happily eat the contents of this tray for dinner every single night of my life 🙂 

A happy hour picnic with a few of your favorite people is so much fun, and since there’s no meal to prepare once you get some easy snacks together you can spend your time catching up!

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Happy hour is perfect for a tray of small bites. This tray I’m showing you today is more about compiling a bunch of delicious and yummy food things that work well together as opposed to making anything. Not that daunting right?

THE SERVING PIECES | A big tray or cutting board are great for this. I found this handled natural woven tray above at Marshalls and love how lightweight it is. I used two clear melamine plates to cover the oval shape, plus a few ramekins and paper cupcake liners to hold everything. Instead of the plates, you can also line your tray with parchment paper or wax paper if it is not food safe.

Making a Snack Tray

REFRESHMENTS | For this summertime happy hour picnic, I picked up a few items to add to what I already usually have in the pantry and fridge to put together a good variety of snacks, keeping in mind my mantra of simple and easy to eat while chatting

Happy hour charcuterie board ingredients

Colorful and appetizing with a bit of something for everyone.

Snack tray of fruits cheeses

Happy hour picnic with snack tray

A few ideas from this tray:

Cheese – a round of brie, cheddar and a goat cheese from my grocery store that was coated in “Everything” spices (it was so good!). I always look for at least one interesting and different cheese to try along with the standbys like cheddar.

Sliced meats – pepperoni and hard salami are always popular. I love to use prosciutto on charcuteries too.

Nuts – pistachios, roasted almonds. Raw or candied pecans are one of my faves too. 

Crackers & mini-pita bread. Bread sticks and parmesan crisps are also big fan favorites around here.

Red pepper jelly. Also love fig jam and honey. 

Fruit & Veggies – grapes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, grape tomatoes and edamame – they are yummy, add color and make a tray so pretty! Others that are easy to serve and eat: sliced peppers, dried fruits such as apricots, mango, raisins and raisins.

picnic tray of fruit and cheeses

If you’re feeling fancy make some blue cheese (or herb cheese) stuffed peppadews for your happy hour picnic tray. They are amazing. 

Also, rosé just looks like it was made for a summer happy hour picnic doesn’t it? My red, white and blue sangria would be perfect for this event too!Rose and chardonnay at summer picnic

I brought an assortment of wine (rosé, chardonnay and cabernet), along with some non-alcoholic drinks (make sure wherever you are picnicking allows alcohol if you are planning to serve it). Our travel bar bag that we got for hotel room meals and sunsets on the beach on our road trip to Florida this winter is great for making mixed drinks as it has pockets for tools, bottles and cups. This bag can fit 5 wine-sized bottles across or 3 bottles with 2 glasses on each end. This would make a fun Father’s Day gift!

Travel Bar Bag

SPECIAL TOUCHES | While your friends are going to be happy just to get together, a few touches will definitely elevate your happy hour picnic! Our little soiree was at a local spot that has this beautiful new gazebo with a fixed table and seats. Check out the before……

gazebo at park

…and after a bit of easy zhushing with a tablecloth, napkins, blankets and pillows,

Packing for picnic

still casual but a little more special!

I brought some of the rhododendron blooms from one of the bushes in my yard, 

Summer Picnic Tray

as well as bell jar lanterns my kids made at summer camp when they were little, and non-toxic bug spray too.

DIY Bug Spray

This little picnic worked out so well I’m planning another already! Are you inspired to get together with your family and friends? For more inspired picnic ideas, don’t miss these gorgeous blogs!8 Bloggers Best picnic ideas

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Many thanks to Annie, Cindy and Mary Ann for hosting Project Design with a different topic each month. So much fun to join you along with this amazing group of bloggers this round!



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Monday 19th of July 2021

Thank you so much La Contessa! I appreciate your kind comments!


Thursday 3rd of June 2021

Lisa this was such a great post! I ordered that yeti for my husband! He is going to love it!! It is always fun having you join us!!

Annie Diamond

Thursday 3rd of June 2021

It looks so beautiful with all those little touches! I love the mason jar candles with the tissue paper!


Thursday 3rd of June 2021

Lisa what a great idea for an evening with friends, I always love a charcuterie board! Smart using the basket and how to get it all there. I loved doing this with you all. Fun to find your blog. I’m looking forward to following! Kim


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Thank you so much Kim! I'm so glad to meet you and your beautiful blog!

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Thursday 3rd of June 2021

Lisa, this looks amazing! I love happy hour and small bites for dinner.


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Thank you Elizabeth! I too love small bites for a light meal!