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Thoughts On Entertaining When Your House Is Less Than Perfect

Hi friends!! Did you have a great weekend??

I was thinking about those of you who along with me really love tinkering around your house and making things pretty. For many of us our homes are our canvas and we have millions of ideas of things we’d like to do to tweak it.

This weekend we had a houseful of family and it was tons of fun! Even though our house was far from picture perfect…..

……there is still a mountain of mulch on our driveway (along with the wheel barrel)….

……some of the annuals I picked up didn’t get quite get planted (they’re just thrown in the pot for now)…..

…….and our overnight guests had a mirror-less bathroom to use since this baby sat in the hallway all weekend. (yep that’s the mirror I bought for our living room, change of plans, now it’s going in the kids’ bathroom. We fly by the seat of our pants around here.)

10 or even 5 years ago, I would made myself crazy getting every single thing on my to-do list done before we hosted something at our house. Because I’m a nester and I love the little details.
But sometimes my urge to make everything pretty and fix up our house and make it all look the way I want it used to make me feel like I wasn’t ready to host. EVER. Because there were still 50 million things I had to do.
Do you put a lot of pressure like that on yourself too?
But here’s the funny thing – 
NO ONE CARES about all those little things (or even the big things) not getting done BUT ME – 
so why should I stress out about them?
YES if my house looks amazing everyone will ooooh and ahhhh.
But does it make the time we are having more fun? NO.
YES it would be ideal to have all the finishing touches done before everyone walks through the door.
But if I don’t have lanterns hanging on hooks on my deck and urns spilling over with gorgeous flowers and Trader Joe’s flowers grouped en masse in vases and all the candles lit and a cute striped runner on the table and karate chopped 22″ down filled pillows on the couches, will that ruin the evening? 
 Not so much.
Here’s what DOES matter when you entertain:::::
Not being a stressed out host that apologizes to everyone for the house not looking perfect.
Giving yourself a little time to get ready and feel good about your appearance.
Having the bathroom spotlessly clean (the only part of your house that must be really clean, because otherwise – gross. Agreed?)
Having your public areas of your house generally picked up (for me this means taking a laundry basket and chucking random things in it an hour before guests arrive, and then stashing it on top of the washing machine – anyone else?? 🙂 )
Taking a deep breath when the doorbell rings and letting go of any cute little ideas you had that you just ran out of time for. It’s okay. You can do it next time.
Having something for guests to nibble on when they walk in the door (nuts, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, etc.)
Offering your guests a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) within moments of their arrival.
Putting a smile on your face, making your guests feel welcome and at ease, 
and having fun at your own party!!!!
(Do you have any to add?)

The older I get, the more I realize hosting isn’t about having our home look pulled together all the time (although come on – that would be wonderful!!) – it’s about giving our guests an enjoyable experience. And sometimes that means getting done what you can, and then letting go of the things you didn’t and being a warm and gracious host.

Good food, yummy drinks and lots of supermarket flowers can make up for many a house imperfection!!!!

Cute palm pillow above is part of the deck spruce up that didn’t happen quite yet.

Thankfully not getting every single thing crossed off the to-do list does not hinder

hula hoop races….

headstand competitions…..

sign making….

 …..jumping, flipping and laughing…..
and joyful memory making!
To those of you who put a lot of pressure on yourself to make your home just so, 
don’t let your half done projects prohibit you from enjoying your home!!!!!
Don’t let all the images you see of beautiful and perfect homes on blogs and Pinterest keep you from feeling that your home is worthy of entertaining!!!!!
Because it is!!!!
Let go of perfect because the projects will get done eventually –
your guests won’t care –
you have good times and happy memories to make!

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pam {simple details}

Thursday 28th of May 2015

What a great post and reminder, Lisa!! We always have the BEST time at one of my friend's homes, it's been in remodeling mode for years, but they're the most fun, hospitable and great cooks! No one even notices, we're just happy to be invited! :)

Jessica Holte

Wednesday 27th of May 2015

Wow, this post speaks to my heart right now! We have guests coming in this weekend for a visit and I'm stressing about not having pictures hung not being completely finished with decorating their rooms (the list goes on and on)... but you're right, enjoying your time with them and providing them a welcoming place to stay is the most important thing! Thanks for sharing this helpful reminder!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

Wednesday 27th of May 2015

love this post!!!!!! so true and thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 26th of May 2015

This was such a great post, Lisa! I stress so much before company arrives. It's so bad that I'm usually hopping in the shower as the door bell rings. I will definitely try and relax more.


Tuesday 26th of May 2015

This was such a great post, Lisa! I stress so much before company arrives. It's so bad that I'm usually hopping in the shower as the door bell rings. I will definitely try and relax more.