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The Art of Magazine Hoarding

I had the Closet Domino Affect happen to me yesterday. Surely it has happened to you to?

I opened my foyer closet, and 27 things fell out onto me and all over the floor. This led to me taking every last thing out of it, giving it a super quick paint job to fix my last super quick paint job, and searching for homes for everything I deemed inappropriate to live in this closet, particularly since we have the little mudroom in our garage to make a giant mess of daily.

Now this little closet is all cleaned out, with room for guests’ coats
(let’s gaze at it together, shall we?) –

– but in finding homes for what the little closet had been harboring, I came to the realization that despite my love of recycling, cleaning out, simplifying and living with less, there are magazines piled here, there and everywhere in this house.
I’m a magazine hoarder. There, I said it.
  Let’s face it – with the digital age upon us, there really isn’t a need to hold onto magazines anymore. Even though I love to look at a beautiful magazine – it doesn’t mean I have to keep it forever.
Also, if one is going to stockpile magazines in his or her home, then at the very least, make them look fabulous!
Less – I don’t clean my house very well, more – magazines as part of my interior design. HA!
Magazines all over the house = hoarding.
Magazines used as accessories = chic and not so hoard-ish, don’t you agree?
{Unknown source}
{Stockholm apartment/Per Jansson Photography}

Are you a magazine hoarder also? Maybe we should start a support group.


Best Of The Nest!
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Thursday 20th of August 2020

I am definitely a magazine hoarder - especially interior design magazines, I just love them! I have started tearing out the best recipes etc and will stick them in a scrapbook. Someone I know did this and ended up with some really nice recipe books. The same could be done with decorating and craft ideas. It's not worth keeping a whole magazine just for one article! I have set myself the task of reducing the piles that are invading every room ...

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Sunday 9th of March 2014

I have the hardest time throwing away magazines too… I hate it Glad I'm not the only one. I know when my huge crate is overflowing it is time to go through them and it is so darn hard. :)

Privet and Holly

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

I had to laugh atDomino Syndrome,which has drivenmy 2014 cleaningand purging activity!

I verge on being amagazine-aholic. Ihave some doctorsand dentists that Iactually look forwardto visiting becauseof the great mags theyhave in their waitingrooms : ) And I haveway way too manysubscriptions--workingon letting some of those go.....

Love the storage ideas.Now I have an excuseto start keeping someof my issues, versustossing them after I'vetorn out the bits I wantto keep!

xo Suzanne

Vel Criste

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

Lets! I don't display my hoard though they are neatly filed in a bookshelf inside my huge linen closet upstairs by MONTH! yes, I'm a bit of an O-C but I only keep 2 mags, Martha and Real Simple.

Dana Frieling

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

That's something I've always pondered...why's it so hard to throw away a magazine? I never reread them so I try to limit my purchasing of them.