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The Ultimate Teen Girl’s Thrift Store Score

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Happy Labor Day sweet friends!!!

I didn’t fall off the face of the internet, just been a little preoccupied with this lovebug who moved up here from Florida a few weeks ago!!…….


(Clearly even too busy to get a hair cut….hello Marsha Brady!)  

I’ve been hunting with my mom and sister-in-law for a few things for their new homes, and one day our travels brought us to a new Habitat Restore. I went in there purely looking for them, and came home with five things for my own house. Five. You know how that happens? The Murphy’s Law of shopping – when you’re not looking to buy anything, THAT is when you find the things you can’t live without. The funny thing is – I haven’t been looking for anything in particular in thrift stores – plus it always seems like all the good things are marked SOLD or kinda pricey at the Restore, but for some reason on this day there were all sorts of goodies, and everything was 30% off.

I have to share this one with you!

There it was… the way back of the store hidden behind a mountain of other things that had just been donated. I moved everything out of the way, snapped a picture and texted all my friends with girls……WHO NEEDS THIS? I CAN’T LEAVE IT BEHIND!!! A PB Teen-like vanity, full length mirror and stool, in near perfect condition.



Well….no one “needed” it. It was killing me that I couldn’t find a home for it.

I texted Hannah and said this would be so perfect for you….I WISH we could fit this in your room, but there is NO WAY. Your room is FULL. Too bad. There is absolutely NO ROOM for this.

Then…..lots of praying hands emojis……I love it I love it I love it…..plz mom!!!…….it’s the best thing ever!!



(Kicking myself I didn’t save this for Christmas. Who knew she would love a piece of furniture so much!)

A little touch-up later….


Oh, hello there you cute thing!


The bench just needed a good cleaning and little paint touch up,

and that fabric had to go.IMG_4920

I finally found a way to work the Secret Gate fabric that I love into my house! Remember this one from June’s My Five Favorites?


This is the “blossom” colorway and it’s absolutely perfect with the pink in Hannah’s open closet (and inside the drawer of this side table I just painted).

The existing hardware was adorable….


but we opted out of the lavender for a little crystal-and-gold glam with the help of my favorite sidekick, Rub n’ Buff.

Rub 'n Buff to change cabinet hardware 3318x2816


It’s a subtle difference but definitely makes the vanity a little less juvenile and more young lady, don’t you think?


The R&B gives the knobs that same kind of patina as the old hardware on the side table (also a Restore find by the way!)


And oh the storage in this thing for a 16 year old’s treasures!! Every last hair band, bobby pin, and beauty product, stashed away!!


The console table-turned-slim desk that I painted for this room less than a year ago has found a new home at my sister-in-laws (as a console table 🙂 ) but Hannah was more than willing to let it go since she always did her homework on her supersized bed anyway. It was cute while it lasted!


My poor boys – their rooms are once and done. Hannah’s is forever getting tweaked and changed up!! Here are some more projects from this room over the years…..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”31″ gal_title=”Hannahs Room”]


If you’re looking for something from this post…..My new local and awesome Habitat Restore……Old Colony Habitat Restore, Attleboro, MA

Braemore Secret Gate fabric in Blossom

“Crystal” cabinet knobs (actually acrylic)

Rub ‘n Buff  (I used Grecian Gold)

Hot pink paint inside side table drawer – Benjamin Moore’s Springtime Bloom

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Wednesday 7th of September 2016

What a great find! I love how you spruced up the bench with that fabric, and did the "gold" on the knob plates. Lovely family photo with your kiddos and nephew. So much happiness! :)

Shelley | Crazy Wonderful

Tuesday 6th of September 2016

That is quite the find! I would have flipped out having that in my room as a teen!!!


Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Me too Shelley! Hannah already has it all stashed with her goods :)