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Today’s quick tip is going onto the list of things I want my kids to know (my eldest is learning to drive, so this topic is on my mind!)

I can’t believe I was driving for over twenty years before I learned this tip, and I really think it’s something anyone that drives a car should know. If you can pump gas (or use a straight iron or a hand-held mixer) you can do this.

Are you ready?????………It’s time for……..

Today’s topic:

Why do you need to know this, you might ask?
Well for one, if a light goes on in your car that your air pressure is low, you need to remedy that situation. Also….
You could have the nice guy at a nearby station put air in your tire for you, or you could do it yourself in 2 minutes because you are not helpless. Right? It’s one thing to have someone else (your 15 year old son perhaps) put air in your tire when needed because you are in an inappropriate outfit for bending down next to your tire, or you just did your nails, or you’re busy sitting in your air conditioned car on a hot day, but it’s a whole other lame thing to not put air in your tire because you can’t figure out how to do it. Don’t you agree? 

Find the air machine at a gas or service station.
They are usually on the side of the building and crazily enough, have a sign on them that says AIR. Some of them are free and others require a few quarters.
Open the driver’s side door and look for the sticker on the on the doorjam with tire information.
Find the PSI – this is the air pressure for your front and rear tires.

Take the cap off the tire valve.

Attach the hose to the tire valve.

Fill with air until you reach the desired PSI for your tires.
This kind of machine below has a digital display that you watch as you put air in the tire. When it reaches the desired PSI, pull off the hose and replace the tire valve cap.
Other machines have the air pressure gauge on the actual hose, with a pop up scale that shows what PSI your tire pressure is at, like this one. When the scale shows the desired PSI, pull off the hose, replace the cap on the tire valve and you are done!

That’s it!!
You are amazing!!
You are a strong awesome incredible woman or man of the new millenium and you can do anything! (Or not if you have teenage children who want you to take them driving and will do anything you ask.)
More on my mission to not be lame, here.
While I strongly encourage you to learn this simple procedure if you drive a car, 
this tutorial is for informational purposes and I assume no liability.
Please exercise caution when putting air in your tires.  
Do not exceed recommended air pressure for tires.

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heather gilmour

Friday 20th of June 2014

Ha, very inspiring post! We can do everything by ourselves! End of tenancy cleaners Balham

Kris @ Driven by Décor

Thursday 19th of June 2014

There are some things that I've never asked my husband to show me how to do (such as using the grill or putting air in tires) because once he knows I can do it, guess who will be doing it from that point on?! But thanks to your post, now I know how to do my tires so I can get the job done if needed but my husband doesn't know that I know - the perfect scenario! Thanks Lisa!

Shelia Dowd

Wednesday 18th of June 2014

Great I know how to do this!


Wednesday 18th of June 2014

I hear you on the driving thing - we're right there too! I need a machine that shows the PSI like that one! I don't know that I've ever seen one like that!

Vel Criste

Tuesday 17th of June 2014

Aaahh, this one I know a little about too since I always had bad tires when we lived in Chicago, loved the way you explained it Lisa!