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One Room Challenge WK4: MMM

Hello friends and thanks for checking in with my One Room Challenge!
If you’re a newbie here, I’m working on the Moody Masculine Mighty Teen Room Makeover.
That is, I’m making over my 17 year old son’s room that was in dire need for more storage, better function and a better representation of him and his interests.
We left off last week with a staining-palooza happening in my garage.
Well after days of staining here and there as time permitted, when I finally brought the stained wood in to build the bookcases and picture ledge, the color that looked great in the garage light was too dark and all wrong with the shades, and so another round of sanding, scraping, and restaining ensued. It was a huge pain in the bee-hind – but all is well that ends well because the final result is wood that is darker in some areas than in others, like a worn leather baseball glove, 
a warm tone that I love with the black walls!
The “picture ledge” on top is a 4″ board that runs around three walls of the room for sports memorabilia and whatnot. The fourth wall is a big chalkboard wall that I have fun plans for.
The shelving unit below the ledge is an Ikea hack that was less than $70 and I’m so incredibly fired up with it’s form and function for this room!!! Metal + Wood = YESSSSSSS
(Posts on the ledge and the custom sized shelves coming in the near future!)
Here is the picture ledge in progress. After mulling over bracket options I went with L brackets spray painted black. Their squared off shape compliments the metal of the shelves and I like that simple industrial vibe.
To the underside of the picture ledge on this wall I added small ceiling hooks for a few of Peter’s hats.
He’s got some serious nostalgia going on over here with Little League and Pop Warner trophies from his younger years.
Under the hats I added hooks for towels and jackets.
This piece of wood was labeled “craft” board and apparently it’s not the same species of wood as the rest of the lumber I used (select pine) because the stain took differently to it 
(and as you can see it is all splotchy and weird).
It’s mildly bugging me but I’m trying not to look at it because I have 
(like maybe get a lightswitch cover???)
Onto other exciting things……
Peter had the idea to hang his snowboard on the wall and I loved that.
I’ll show you my easy DIY hanging method soon.
Now for the elephant in the room……
I made this one in about 45 minutes one day and this picture is deceiving – it’s just bad. bad bad bad.
It’s too thin and the fabric is all wonky and just, 
I can do better than that.
But what???
Have I maxed out on stained wood for this room?
I think so but I really really love this bed and would love to make a DIY version of the headboard:
The other DIY I was considering is a headboard inspired by the Harbour Cane Beds from Serena & Lily; imagine one of these in a warm and darker stain.

I am in complete love with these and after my first caning project 
I’m thinking I could take this on.
But again – there’s the issue of how much of a good thing is too much? I already have stained wood on three walls of this room.
Most likely I will go with another upholstered headboard if I can decide on fabric.
That’s Peter’s vote and it would also be the easiest to tackle at this point in the game.
Moving on to the elephant that is NOT in the room:
It sadly still looks like this but I have some cool and funky DIY hardware all ready to go!

OH! Remember the honey-toned desk? While I liked the wood tone with the black walls it was just too HONEY, and it was a bit too big for the space. SO…….I also created a simple desk that will have metal supports. I can’t wait to get this installed when it’s final coat of poly is dry! 

That’s the scoop on the MoodyMasculineMightyMakeover so far!

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The punch list:

1 // Paint walls.

2 // Rehab new short-and-long dresser.

3 // DIY a headboard.

4 // Build wall of shelves for storage and photo/art display.

5 // Install a picture ledge around room.

6 // DIY storage bins.

7 // Address the lighting.

8 // Figure out the desk area.

9 // The big surprise art project.

10 // Chalkboard wall fun.

11 // New bedding.

12 // And hopefully by November 12, a happy client!

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Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles

Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

I think that beautiful stained bed would play so nicely with his shelves! I love how you're displaying all of his personal treasures. Keep going, you're almost there!

[email protected]

Sunday 1st of November 2015

Casey the stain is 1/3 Dark Walnut, 2/3 Jacobian (Minwax) with heavy sanding and distressing in between coats!

Vel Criste

Friday 30th of October 2015

The black walls look fabulous!!!!!!!

The Divine Living Space

Friday 30th of October 2015

This looks AMAZING Lisa! I LOVE the color of that wood with the dark walls! Stunning!

Mary Ann Pickett

Thursday 29th of October 2015

That's so cool adding all the hooks…really coming along!!!