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Individual Chocolate Molten Cakes

 If any of you have a recipe for some kind of magical potion that will freeze my kids at the ages they are right now, I would really appreciate you sharing it with me, because yesterday this yummy baby boy —
turned NINE!
Happy Birthday Seanie Mark!
You light up our life every day!!

I love the crazy things my family requests for their birthday dinners. Seanie asked for surf & turf followed by chocolate molten cakes – you know I was more than happy to oblige with that sweet request! This is definitely a huge family favorite and I hope you enjoy them too!

Individual Chocolate Molten Cakes
 Serve warm and enjoy!
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Rhiannon {Hey Gorg}

Tuesday 24th of May 2011

Uhm seriously? So yummy!! I die :)


Tuesday 24th of May 2011

Happy birthday to you sweet boy!!!! I have never made one of these amazing cakes....I think now is the time! YUM

Sarah, Three Boys

Tuesday 24th of May 2011

Yummy, Happy B-day Sean:) If you discover the age freezing trick send it my way too!!

Privet and Holly

Tuesday 24th of May 2011

Lisa, this is NOT what I shouldbe reading rightnow {the recipe,not your sweet potatolittle boy....HappyB-day Sean, BTW!} asI'm trying to turnover a healthier leaf!Of course, all thingsin moderation are GOOD,most especially chocolate!xx Suzanne


Monday 23rd of May 2011

Love the pics of seanie! Those lava cakes look so yummy --thanks for sharing