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…my extended family Facebook Messenger group that everyone shares funny little videos, photos and jokes in. I highly recommend starting one with your fave people to share a few seconds of light and laughter in the course of the day. This is the cutest video I’ve seen all week!

…that Mark loves to cook and gets fired up about things like kitchen utensils (it’s cute that he appreciates the little things). Recently I had to throw out two kitchen utensils that we use ALL the time – our garlic press AND meat mallet – because their powder coated finishes were wearing off. When we pressed a clove of garlic it would come through black! How gross is that? Imagine how much of this coating has already leached into our food before we noticed? Ewww.

We’re slowly replacing any coated utensils with stainless steel or nylon depending on it’s use. Stainless steel is strong, has no finish that will wear off over time, and is non-toxic and non-reactive. You’ll probably have SS utensils for life and there is not a huge cost difference from coated ones. I love to get my money’s worth with Amazon Prime so I ordered them on there and they magically appeared the very next day.

Stainless steel kitchen utensils will never wear out and are a great investment.

Stainless steel meat malletStainless steel garlic press

Read this article at The Kitchn about the virtues of stainless steel utensils or this comparison of stainless steel vs. nylon utensils.

Is it sad/pathetic/weird/a sign of our age that we were both mildly excited with these little purchases, and that the garlic press comes with one of these handy dandy rubber tubes for removing the clove skin? I know – don’t answer that. 

…that this post of mine was shared on a baby site (when I’m a mom of a 19, 18 and 16 year old ?) – the What To Expect website, as in the What To Expect When You’re Expecting books we all know and love! Hold onto your changing tables, mommas. They come in quite handy for other purposes!

Read about how to turn a changing table into a bar/beverage cart here.

…this page for grammarians! Despite the fact that I take serious liberties writing this blog in a conversational format, I’m really a word nerd at heart. Some of these posts are so funny, particularly the clever comments, sign and tatoo misspellings and play on words. I’m constantly sending these quips to family and friends!

…a sale on something you’ve had your eye on. Pottery Barn has a huge 4th of July up to 70% off sale going on, and free shipping through today. I bought this shibori style lumbar pillow cover for Sean’s bed (yes at some point in 2018 I might actual finish his room makeover!)

I am in total love with these bamboo style aluminum chairs that could work indoor or out.

Pottery Barn indoor/outdoor aluminum bamboo style chair and ottoman.

Makes me think I should paint this bamboo chair from my living room white!

A few more good sales to shop this holiday weekend…

Target – 30% off home and patio

Joss & Main – up to 80% off

JCrew Factory Store – 50% off everything

Loft – 40% off + free shipping

Macy’s – 20% off with code FOURTH + free shipping over $49


Enjoy your Sunday funday lovelies!

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