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Hiding The Hardware On Bamboo Blinds

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Bamboo blinds are such a great way to add texture and warmth to a room and as an added bonus, they can be really affordable too.
just because something is affordable doesn’t mean it has to look cheap.
From the picture above, all that jumps out at me is the hanging hardware. This shade would look so much better without the hooks that attach it to the window exposed, wouldn’t it?
We have both these bamboo roman shades and these bamboo roll up shades in our house. The roll up version is much less expensive, but they come with a ridiculous system for hanging them that is also common on inexpensive matchsticks blinds.
Two flimsy triangle hooks are attached to the top of the shade.
An L-shaped metal piece is screwed into the window frame and the triangles are attached to them.
This is the L-shaped bracket which extends out a good inch.
In my bathroom, I opted to drill a screw into the wall and hang the triangle hook on that, hoping to disguise it close to the wall, but it was still very visible from anywhere in the room.
To hide the hardware altogether, I removed the triangle hooks that came on the shades and installed new ones that are behind the shade vs. on top of it.
It worked like a charm, so I thought I’d share it with you.
But first, before we get to that –
make sure you invest in a shade that has a valance on the top.
This valance covers the string mechanism that raises and lowers your shade. I noticed some of the shades by the same manufacturer have the valance and some don’t – so make sure you check.
And then –
if your new shade has the cheesy triangle hook/L-shaped screw hanging system, hack it a little to hide that cheap hardware.


a drill and drill bit (I used the 3/32 drill bit for these screws – make sure your drill bit is smaller than the screw) – I love my rechargeable drill/driver!
small screws
These little triangle hooks and short screws are great to have on hand – I use them all the time for putting wire on the back of picture frames for hanging (as opposed to using the ridiculous hooks that come on the back of ready made frames!)
To start, place your shade face down like this.

Remove the triangle hooks that are already on the shade:  using two sets of pliers, clamp onto either side of the hook, pull it apart and discard.

Now add new triangle hooks a little further down so that they will be hidden behind the shade. You want the screws to go into the stacked layers at the top of the shade. Measure, mark and pre-drill holes for your screws (without pre-drilling the bamboo cracks when you install the screw.)

The shade came with only two hooks, but since these shades will be pulled up and down on a daily basis, I placed four across the top of my shades for durability.

Find the center of your window, mark it, and mark your hook measurements accordingly.
Place four screws on the markings….

then hang the triangle hooks, and voila.

Now lets talk about the cleat that holds the cord.

Does anyone on this earth like these things? Those tiny screws that come with it??? The fact that you have to wrap the cord around it 75 times??? However, they are important if you have young kids in your home since shade cords present a risk of strangulation. I also feel like the dangling cord detracts from the look of a shade.

If your shade will be flanked by curtains, forgo the little annoying cleat, and simply hide the cord (and more importantly, keep the younguns safe) by screwing two longer screws into your window frame, about 10-12″ apart. The cord wraps around the two screws only 2 or 3 times and takes about 5 seconds when I pull up the shades in the morning.

The final affect is a less cluttered, more finished look.

The hardware is hidden on the bamboo shades, but what about this curtain rod???? Wow, sweet right?!!!!!

Ahhhh much better…….
How to hide the hanging hardware on roll-up bamboo blinds.
Check out how I DIYed new rods with an antique brass finish and a fun idea for those ball finials!
DIY curtain rods with wood dowels and ping pong balls!

Have a wonderful day!

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roman blinds

Monday 18th of March 2013

Very Clever Idea.. I think i can do it now.. Thanks

Kelly @ View Along the Way

Monday 18th of March 2013

Great idea! Looks SO much better with that hardware hidden.


Friday 15th of March 2013

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. This may prove very helpful in the near future.


Thursday 14th of March 2013

You are full of great tricks and tips. What a smart idea. I love your blinds too!

Privet and Holly

Thursday 14th of March 2013

LOVE the look ofthese bamboo shadesand your tweak reallydoes make it look muchmore custom. You arecertainly the Queen ofDYI in my book, Lisa!

Hugs,xo Suzanne