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Etsy Art I’m Loving Lately

Hello lovelies! It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog while I DIY my heart out. I was so gung ho to get Sean’s room done completely before the One Room Challenge commenced, but 4 Nor’easters in March didn’t make my unheated “workshop” (the garage) very enticing! To refresh your memory (it’s been a long while since I talked about this room!) I am building some cabinetry and a Serena & Lily knockoff headboard for my 15 year old’s room, but I kind of think it’s a good idea to be able to feel my fingers when I’m using the saw, you know what I mean?

That’s how Seanie’s room project rolled right into the 6 week ORC, and how I ended up trying to bang out both rooms at once now that Massachusetts is finally back to above freezing. Seeing as the ORC is time sensitive (the big reveal day is just over 3 weeks away!!! ahhhhhh) the family room has taken precedence. You can use your imagination as to the state of my garage, the laundry, and our house in general, it’s all bonkers around here!

One of the pieces of our family room redesign I am excited about is new art. As you know I am a huge fan of DIY art projects, but I also love, love, love museums, art galleries, high school art shows, exhibits at my library and our local coffee shop – seeing the creative talents of others just fills me up!

The internet has really opened up a whole new world for artists and given them the ability to showcase their work to a much broader audience, and Etsy is an amazing place to discover talented artists you might not have found otherwise. You can often find really affordable original art or prints of NON-mass produced art that you won’t likely see in your neighbor’s house.

Here are 10 art shops that caught my eye while I’ve been hunting for the perfect piece for our family room – while most of them are landscapes, they are quite varied in style, with a little something for every price point. Enjoy!


Original oil paintings that I think are amazing! The artist has a few prints in her shop too.

Annie Flynn

“Reflected Clouds and Trees on Lake” by Annie Flynn

“Calm Day” by Annie Flynn

Original art by Annie Flynn via Etsy.

“Glowing Tide” by Annie Flynn



Colorful oil paintings, and prints on both paper and canvas, of vibrant landscapes and florals.

“Beach” by Agostino Veroni

“Positano” by Agostino Veroni

“Capri” by Agostino Veroni

“Spring In Tuscany” by Agostino Veroni



Original oil paintings.

Vivien Pollack oil painting, Etsy.

“Sky Over The Marsh, Cape Cod” by Vivien Pollack



Light and airy photography printed on canvas.

“Hazy Days” by Susannah Tucker

“A Gentleness” by Susannah Tucker



Small (5″x7″) giclee prints of watercolors by Mary Cumming.

“Storm Over Water” by Mary Cumming

Block Island, Great Salt Pond:  Come Sail Away by Mary Cumming



Hundreds of downloadable art pieces that you can print online or at a local printer like Staples. So affordable! This is the shop that has that tropical triptych in my original design for the One Room Challenge.  There is a HUGE variation of styles, sizes and formats in this Etsy store, it’s fun to poke around in!

"Sunlit" by Dan Hobday via Etsy

“Sunlit” by Dan Hobday

“Highland View” by Dan Hobday

"Life" by Dan Hobday

“Life” by Dan Hobday

Abstract Seascape by Dan Hobday



You may recognize Lindsay Megahed if you have spent time perusing the art on Minted, as she is one of their featured artists. The Etsy shop has original paintings as well as affordable prints.

Rolling Clouds Upon Endless Fields Of Green by Lindsay Megahed



This photography is so effervescent and romantic. My Paint Color Crush lovers out there may recall I created a design for a foyer around another one of Irene Suchocki’s Venice photographs last year.

Photography by Irene Suchocki

“When In Venice” by Irene Suchocki

“I Love Walking In The Rain” by Irene Suchocki



Stunning, fresh, vivid work by Rhode Island photographer Katherine.

“Annisquam Rowboat” by Katherine

“Sunset Sail of the Endeavor” by Katherine



Original oil paintings, and prints on paper and canvas, of seascapes, landscapes and abstracts.

Storm by Carol Schiff

Ocean Wave by Carol Schiff

“Beach Music” by Carol Schiff


I hope you enjoyed these latest discoveries of mine. There truly are so many talented artists on Etsy!  One of these beauties is on it’s way to me for the family room, any guesses??? I can’t wait to see it and show you!I’ll be back on Thursday with an update on the room makeover so come on by for a visit. Enjoy the day lovelies!

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Daniela King

Thursday 26th of April 2018

The mosaic art looks goegeous but I really love the "when in venice" peace. So calming. Thanks for sharing!

[email protected]

Tuesday 17th of April 2018

Yes, keeping all 10 fingers is a good idea ;-) Love all of these gorgeous prints. A friend of mine has a huge collection (she was an art history major and her MIL was a collector as well). I love walking through their lovely home and seeing all the different styles of paintings.


Thursday 19th of April 2018

I would LOVE original art all over my walls like your friend, Lauren! I especially love discovering artists that are still small-time, my local coffee shop always features local artists and sometimes they are just amazing!