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In my very own basement, I came across an unloved piece of furniture that would fit our new-to-us foyer perfectly, with a little makeover:
the old Pier One wicker bureau that used to grace my babies’ nursery. Do you have one just like it?
The middle drawer front had fallen off, so I banged a few nails right into the wicker to re-attach it to the frame. Once painted up these nails are not even detectable.
I used Krylon spray paint in black satin. Spray paint is definitely the way to go when painting wicker because the  mist gets into all the nooks ‘n crannies so much better than a brush. Also spray paint is oil-based which is a must when painting furniture, as it adheres better and is less likely to chip over time.
I had a piece of glass cut for the top.
Wow that 80s tile is really something isn’t it? 🙂
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Carly {xoxo teacherista}

Friday 11th of November 2011

Spray painting wicker? Love it! What a wonderful idea. I may or may not be drooling over the Anthropologie knobs. I'm hoping to re-do my bedroom furniture and these knobs are wonderful inspiration!

[email protected]

Tuesday 19th of October 2010

The wicker piece is the perfect size for that area too! You're right, paint can do wonders for those old pieces gathering dust in the basement. Sure beats buying something new too.

pk @ Room Remix

Tuesday 19th of October 2010

Thanks for your comment on my behind-the-sofa-post today. I had to laugh about "the look". I've gotten that more than once. :-) Your entry looks great with it's newly refurbished piece (and I love the wall behind it). Great job!

Privet and Holly

Tuesday 19th of October 2010

Lisa: AWESOME job!!!This just shows whatVISION and a {lot} ofelbow grease can produce! The knobsare going to be thecherry on top. It's so pretty! One ofmy good friends hasan entry hall verymuch like yours, withthe kitchen straightahead. I felt rightat home with this post!xx Suzanne