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DIY Stone Fire Pits

Yesterday I explored the notion of DIY outdoor fireplaces; today I’m moving onto fire pits. Our last fire pit was made of copper and while it was pretty (at first – until the elements and soot overtook it) I have to admit I was constantly concerned with my kids burning their little legs on the edge of the pit. This time around I want to build a stone fire pit surrounded by a gravel patio {read more about my love of gravel patios here!}

You know, something like this perhaps……..

…….or, I don’t know – this????
{This house, on the Cape, warm summer evening,  the kids throwing the football on the grass, friends sitting with us on that gravel patio in front of a fire pit, fresh pineapple Stoli Dolis in hand – pretty much my dream right there!}

Oh – sorry – a little detour into fantasyland. Back to fire pits!!!!

Many of you commented that you are interested in DIYing a fire pit too, so here are some options for all of us.

Lets do this, people!!! I am fired up to build one, are you??
This Old House has a good article on building a fire pit with pavers and mortar, with gravel as a base, a metal ring and capstones. (The metal ring insert is used with some materials such as cast cement pavers to keep them from drying out and breaking down.)  The website estimates the materials for this project will cost around $500, including a gravel base and metal ring insert.
Lynda of Happenstance Home posted about a DIY fire pit her husband built. I love, love, love how it is embedded in a gravel patio!

The Harpster Home shows how to build a fire pit with pavers and gravel in 8 steps.

You can also get all the materials you need for a fire pit with a kit. Home Depot, Lowes and local stone quarries sell them and some of them are easy to assemble even for a non-handy homeowner.

Stacy at Red Door Home built a paver fire pit from a kit (within an hour!)  Check out the tutorial on how it was easily put together here.
Stacy got her kit from a local stone yard but Lowes carries a similar one for $199.
These fire pit kits I saw at a local nursery (the one with the ice cream stand that sucked us in!) start at $290. {For my local peeps: Osborne Nursery/Summer Scoops in Plainville, MA.}
Square firepit with metal insert, $476.
 Round fire pit with insert, $522.
Some fire pit kits come with with natural stone veneer like this one from Ondrick Natural Earth (Chicopee, MA).
While I like the look of the natural stone in these kits, my concern is that rainwater wouldn’t drain out of the fire pit since the base is cement. This may not be a issue for you but we get a fair amount of rainfall so drainage is definitely an important concern.

And then there is this……

The fire pit that I shared last week by Brenda at Sharpe Creations that cost $8. EIGHT DOLLARS!  Why?? Because Brenda literally dug up each and every rock from mountains nearby and hauled them back home with her. Mother of 4, industrious and super clever, this lady is my idol and my inspiration for creating a fire pit with my own two hands. Not only was this fire pit cost effective, it is made with what was found in nature and I think it’s just beautiful.
I have a lot of stones in my yard that I would love to use for this project, but using natural, uncut stones is definitely more challenging than using pavers that are flat and fit together to create a circle. For your project you may want to take into consideration the convenience of a kit. On the other hand, using stones from your yard, if you have them on hand, is certainly an inexpensive way to go!
I’ll keep you posted as our fire pit project gets underway. A little sneak peek as to where it’s going….this area off my deck that I set the stepping stone path in last year. It already looks so different!
If you’re looking to DIY a fire pit this summer, or have already DIYed one, please please please send me a photo of it! I’d love to see it!!
Have a wonderful day my dears!

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Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Love outdoor firepits. Thanks for your article. New product from makes fire pit fires easy to start, fun, low maintenance. Both experienced and inexperienced can build great fires with their new product.

Calypso In The Country

Wednesday 5th of June 2013

I would love a firepit. Can't wait to see how yours comes out!-Shelley

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

Wednesday 5th of June 2013

we have tons of rocks in the land here! i think i know what i need to do!

Dana Frieling

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Oh, to be in your brain right now and know which way you're leaning!


Tuesday 4th of June 2013

We built a firepit when we redid the patio on this house and I love it. We don't use it as much as we should but I love it anyway. I see you got spammed by an anonymous idiot! xo Diana