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At Long Last….Living Room Progress!

Sometimes not being able to do everything you want to your home right away is a good thing.
Our living room has been a land of cast offs for over four years and in that time we figured out what the best use of this space is. This house is not big but we have a family room with a tv and fireplace, and a finished basement that the kids use for video gaming, movie marathons and sleepless sleepovers with friends.
This room, with all it’s natural light, became the room that drew us in to read a book or the paper, play cards or catch up on emails, or have a glass of wine with friends.
So the goal for the room became……an inviting and comfortable space to lounge…..
but also a space that was somewhat decent for entertaining purposes.
{Bookcase inspiration:  Bliss At Home}
For the spring 2014 ORC I built a wall of bookcases 
and then I tried calling this room 
in a very grande tone 
for about month but everyone else still called it the living room.
I repurposed our old tv armoire and it became the 
most useful piece of furniture in the house.
And then, right before we were to have a houseful of guests for Thanksgiving, I went and ordered a humungous modular sectional in the color they had in stock because it was one of the few Mark and I could agree on for comfort and size, but more importantly, 
it could be delivered by Wednesday, November 26
which meant we wouldn’t have to pull in our deck furniture for our guests to have a seat. 
It arrived and I kind of freaked out about how modern it was.
But then I got over it because my house filled up with people and we tested it out and squished 10 bodies of various sizes onto this thing all at once and it was still roomy and comfy.
The sectional is surrounded by windows and is such a delicious spot to take a little afternoon nap.
 It ‘s crazy deep so two people can lie on the couch facing each other and still fit.
(I make the kids do this with me all the time under the premise of sharing a blanket 
but really I am tricking them into snuggling.)
I bought three of these blue velvety pillows from World Market and they were practically free
 (seriously – they are a steal!)
I also bought a bunch of beeeyouteeful fabric to SEW pillows with.
But I’m afraid to ruin it so you won’t be seeing those pillows anytime soon.
Then we got all caught up in the 
and ordered a new rug, a basketweave seagrass with a “grey” border that is really more greige.
It arrived damaged, they sent us a new one, and when they didn’t pick up the damaged one by a certain date they said we could “dispose” of it……
what would you do???
We promptly “disposed” of the damaged rug by putting it in our dining room. 🙂
New curtains….more on the why and how later but for now lets just say that after I hung linen curtains for a client I came home, looked at the curtains I had up and said, 
I’m cut throat like that.
I couldn’t love that light filtering subtle linen texture more.

My son’s sweet girlfriend gave me this beautiful chunky scarf for Christmas, and when I’m not wearing it I love the coziness it gives a winter room.

Have I mentioned one or a million times my feelings on how 
every room needs a live plant???
Also that little table below, FOUR DOLLARS on my town Facebook yardsale site. Best deal ever.

I like that the quietness of the room is contrasted by this busy crazy colorful bookcase wall. I did a little rearranging of the shelves after reading Jenny Komenda‘s tip of organizing first by genre, and then loosely by color. (By the way, did you see her amaaaaazing new library????)

My honey looks like he’s 15 in this picture.
Do you remember where this room started, back when we first bought the house?
It’s taken me almost 5 years to get from there to a space that I like and that really works for our family. A few more tweaks are in the works but I’m thinking 2015 might be the year that I finally call a room finished in my own house!
* ******************** *
Don’t forget – tomorrow is the monthly BOTN Party!
We took December off so please feel free to link up the best from your nest from either December or January! We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door

Wednesday 4th of February 2015

You've come a long way baby. Those curtains are totally fab!

Jane Bernard

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

Love your new sectional Lisa! I love the soft linen fabric in contrast with the clean lines. All the updates look great!


Saturday 31st of January 2015

Lisa, your living room looks wonderful! I am still really impressed (and envious of your skills) with your built ins ... way to go! And the sectional ... perfect!

Bettye Greenwood

Friday 30th of January 2015

I have that same bamboo table! Mine came from a consignment store. I can think of about 5 places to use it. Love your living room. It's so inviting.


Friday 30th of January 2015

It looks great Lisa! So warm, welcoming and cozy - just as it should be. :-)