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How To Make A Vintage Looking Sign

I subscribe to the philosophy that your style doesn’t have to be
If I had to describe what I am most drawn to, I think it would be something like
eclectic-traditional-rustic-industrial-artsy- and casually elegant.
Maybe not so casually elegant whilst a very sweet, but very slobbery senior citizen Saint Bernard has domain over the house, but I can still love a home that feels “casually elegant”!
Just love him more.
The summer that we moved here I picked up a copy of Cape Cod Home, fell in love with this huge sign, and thought a big vintage looking sign like that would fill up the awkward space above my dining room bay windows.


Easy enough to make, but what kind of sign. That was the question.
This past spring Mark & I spent a weekend at the Cape to celebrate 3 or 4 years of anniversaries which have been woefully neglected. We ate at some great restaurants that weekend, and one of them was the
Not because the restaurant itself is so special to us (it does have an amazing lobster bisque, I won’t lie), but more because it represents a place we love,
where we’ve had good times and made happy memories over the years –
Cape Cod in it’s entirety, with all it’s varied towns, villages and beaches.
A place that says to us – relax and have a good laugh.
And also because the name just struck my fancy.
I took some creative liberties with the style and font because I wanted it to look old to contrast my traditional cane-back chairs a bit.
Here’s a quick tutorial on making a vintage looking sign.
If you live locally and would like to order a custom sign, send me an email at lscibilia (at) verizon (dot) net.
I will be posting a link to sizes and pricing info in the near future.
1//  find yourself a board. (Scraps are handy for signs – this one came from the bookcase project.)
2//  have some fun banging it up a bit like it’s been out in the elements for a long time.
3//  (not pictured) give the board a light coat of stain or paint.
4//  print out your text and play with the scale and fonts.
5//  color the back of the text with colored chalk.
6//  use a pencil or ball point pen to trace the outline of the text onto the board 
(a bit of tape is helpful to keep your letters straight).
7//  fill in the letters with a Sharpie
8//  if it occurs to you that you want a border on your sign, 
cover the text with newspaper and painter’s tape, and give the edges a quick coat of spraypaint. 
(I later taped the border again and went over most of the gold with black).
9//  pull off the tape to reveal your masterpiece – almost done!
10//  wipe on a little stain to add some dimension and age.
11// (not pictured) give the sign a good sanding to take away the shiny new-ness.
12//  use short screws to attach two triangular hangers to the back of the sign
(both can be found at your local hardware store – buy a box of each – they come in handy!)
13// Hang and enjoy!
Then, go out and have some fun before summer officially draws to a close!!
Remember my mantra?
A quick reminder!!!
This Friday, it’s time for the August Best of the Nest! Come join Kris, Pam, Jennifer and moi to share your one most favorite project from this month – any home improvement, design, gardening, organizing,  art or craft project. I’m looking forward to seeing all your creative goodness!!

xo, Lisa

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Saturday 9th of January 2016

Your blog was sent to me from a TENN friend, who I met on houzz. She and her husband came to the Cape and stayed at the B & B across from Drummer Boy Park. Scrolling through your blogs, I found this one. I was so thrilled. I had just sent her and our other CA houzz pal, subscriptions to C & I Home magazine. Just one of those exciting unexpected things that happen on-line.

As an aside, my home in Orleans, was featured in a 2003 issue. I was so proud.

Will subscribe to your blog. Thanks.

P S...have you been to the barn on 6A, Dennis, where Linda paints old furniture?

Sharon B.

Sunday 31st of August 2014

I love the style of your sign and I love that you custom made it to fit your space and a great memory! Your senior citizen is so adorable. Ours is going to be 10 this month, she pretty much gets free reign of the house too. :) Sharon

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home

Sunday 31st of August 2014

I love your sign Lisa, it looks so professional! I love your St. Bernard, too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and great start to school for your kids. xo Nancy

Tracy Laverty

Friday 29th of August 2014

Lisa,I've been wanting to do a sign like this for awhile. I love how yours has meaning and how it turned out. Did you use vinyl lettering? Or do you have a stencil? Thanks for sharing- and I think you should totally sell these!

[email protected]

Friday 29th of August 2014

Elaine, my curtains are drop cloths that I stenciled with left over wall paint from my garage :)