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2013 Christmas Tour

Hi friends!
Yesterday Jenny kicked off The 12 Days Tours. Did you visit her gorgeous home?
{If not, click this link go take a peek and then come on back. I’ll wait for you!}
Guess who is next?
I’m so happy to have you here!

Since we moved here three years ago, I have simplified my Christmas decor in a big way. Besides the decorations for our tree, I mostly use fresh greens here, there and everywhere!

This boxwood wreath is from Trader Joe’s and I added a few clippings from my yard.
I hung our fur-ified stockings on the stairs in the foyer this year, because we use our fireplace all the time and are constantly taking them down when we hang them on the mantel.
One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is going to mailbox and finding cards from friends and family – do you love it too?? I hang them on ribbon on all the doors in our foyer so we can enjoy them every day. By Christmas all the doors will be covered.
We also put ribbon and mini-clothespins to work on our random acts of kindness advent calendar that I hung on the stairwell to the basement.


How about a cup of hot cocoa, or perhaps a fun Christmas cocktail?


How many mirrors in one room is too many, do you think? Presently the living room has FOUR, and I LOVE how they reflect the Christmas tree lights!
I hung simple pine garlands in our dining room bay windows.
I love to hang our own Christmas cards from year to year and see how my own babies have grown and changed!

This wooden toolbox was made for my husband by his great uncle, Arthur. He’s 95 now and one of the funniest and kindest people ever – we all love him so. Long ago I confiscated the toolbox for decorating purposes and this year it’s storing all my gift wrap supplies in a corner of the dining room.

The kitchen window and slider got festified too.
The family room fireplace is a work in progress.
We spend a lot of time in here, watching The Voice with a fire going.
I’ve been daydreaming of a round mirror for our mantle forever. I found this little baby one last week and if I get my act together you might see a little makeover action in the near future!

The penny tree is a new addition which I’ll share with you soon. I love how it shimmers when the mantle lights are on.


In my endeavor to simplify,
I decided it was time I stop putting so much pressure on myself
 to unpack every Christmas decoration we own, to deck every room in our house, to have my Christmas cards ordered, addressed, and mailed by December first, to have all the gifts bought and wrapped and under the tree all beautiful.
All those things are wonderful, unless you start to feel cranky and overwhelmed and underappreciated.
Then suddenly all the magic of the season becomes
bah humbug
and let’s be honest, NO ONE wants to be around a mom who is cranky and overwhelmed.
So – this was the year I started delegating. Mark put the lights on the tree and the kids decorated it, while I enjoyed it all from under a blanket on the couch.
It was heavenly!
I also gave the task of the outdoor lights to my 15 year old son, Peter.
I told him – do whatever you like. It’s your design!
I think he did a great job.


Giving, making time to visit with family and friends, enjoying the sights and sounds and smells of Christmas, and most importantly, celebrating the real reason of the season….that is what it’s all about!

Whether your home is simply or spectacularly decorated for the holidays, I hope that you soak it all in, and enjoy this season of light!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit our humble abode!
 Merry Christmas and cheers to a happy year ahead!!

Tomorrow on the Tour of Homes, don’t miss the stunning southern home of Amanda at Dixie Delights!!!

I’m sharing our home tour at the Nester’s

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Privet and Holly

Friday 10th of January 2014

Sweet friend. Since I took a blogging break beginningat Thanksgiving, I'm just nowenjoying this wonderful series,already pinning ideas for nextyear! Out of all the home tours,I've enjoyed yours the most,because of the love and heartthat you shared here....and thatyou share in each and everypost. My Christmas seasonwas completely different thanI thought it would be, and justcemented for me that it isn'tabout things or perfection ~it's about people and love.

Happy 2014! May you beabundantly blessed in thecoming year : )

xo Suzanne

PS: Do you spray your indoorgreens with anything to extendtheir life? I would love to gowith all real greens, but it's sodry inside (especially with thefireplace going) that I'm afraidthey'd all look pretty bad bythe time Christmas arrived....


Monday 23rd of December 2013

Your gorgeous home looks so spectacular at the holidays! I love all the simple black and white ribbon you used in your decor and all the lovely greens. Hope you are enjoying the season. Merry Christmas!Tricia @


Tuesday 17th of December 2013

Absolutely beautiful and I LOVE the stockings on the stairs!! And ... your hot chocolate station!! Merry Christmas! xo

Mary Jo

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

Merry Christmas Lisa! I just love the way you used fresh greens througout your house and your home is just beautiful--very much my style. Love everything about this!

xo Mary Jo

Julia Konya

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

Such a pretty home. Love everything!