Shell Mirror

Hello my lovelies!
Guess what??
I actually completed a project.
I know, I know, it’s slightly miraculous that I am blogging about a home project – they have been few and far between on here lately.  I’m still working on the old homestead, but between having summer fun with my kids, taking care of the sweetest elderly lady on Wednesdays, and spinning 4 home projects at once {as usual} I just run out of time to write about them!
{To all you amazing people who work full time, tend to your kids once you’re home, work on DIY projects, and find the time to blog – you are my idols!!  I don’t know how you do it all!}
So anyhoo – a ways back I painted the walls of our master bath, and while I was at it I took down this unsightly plastic number.  There wasn’t anything wrong with it, besides the fact that it’s the kind of vanity that’s supposed to be built into the wall.  It had a ton of storage, but it was just so….blah.
Our bathroom went unadorned with a mirror for months on end {making for interesting makeup application!} because I just could NOT find a new mirror to really light my fire.  I “dated” several (brought them home and tried them out), but ultimately they all went back from whence they came.
*cue the angels singing and the trumpets sounding*
it was love at first sight.
The color and texture of shells to add interest to the monochromatic, serene palette I was going for?  Perfection.
The sight of them evoking fond memories of the beach?  Dreamy.
Never mind that we have oodles and oodles of shells collected from our own New England beaches and family vacations in Florida.  That and the fact that I’m on a quest to fill our newest home with unique, meaningful things that we really love.
So once again I trekked back to Homegoods and found a cheapy mirror with a substantial frame.  I also picked up a bag of larger shells, starfish and sand dollars at the Christmas Tree Shop to go along with the smaller shells we’ve collected.
I blue-taped newspaper to the mirror to protect it, then spraypainted the frame white.  Then I hot glued the shells on, starting with the large shells and then layering the smaller ones over them (Lindsay used a frameless mirror and glued the shells right to the mirror).  
A little surprise inside a shell hocked from my son’s room!
I was going for a pile-of-shells-washed-ashore-by-the-sea look.
What do you think of the end result?
A couple of the shells had a natural pearly patina on the inside (don’t you love that?) and they look so pretty when the light shines on them, so I got out my pearly craft paint and added a little to a few more plain shells here and there.
I also bought a bag of pebbles at Michaels to fill in little gaps.  Our Cape Cod beaches often have rocks and pebbles along the shore so these were perfect.
The mirror reminds us of some of our favorite places……Sanibel Island (one of the shelliest places on the planet, where we love to visit with our kids and good friends), Captiva Island (where we honeymooned!),  Newport and Narragansett RI, and of course Cape Cod (where we spend our summer vacation and lots of weekends in between)!
Apart from using our shell collection to make something functional and pretty,
there’s nothing like being able to see yourself when you’re applying mascara!
Next up I’m working on Ballard Designs-inspired shelves for towels and what-have-you, and then I’ll show you the before and afters of this bathroom.
Check out Lindsay’s tutorial at Lee La La if you’re interested in making a shell mirror of your own.  
Thanks for the inspiration, Lindsay!
Hope you all have a fabulous July weekend!   Thanks for stopping by!

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