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  • DIY patio and fire pit
    How We Made Our Outdoor Living Spaces Low Maintenance- The Patio & Deck Makeover
  • Outdoor dining area makeover with all weather, low maintenance furniture.
    Outdoor Summer Table (Sneak Peek Of The Deck!)
  • Raised garden tutorial by House By The Bay
    Five Inspiring Outdoor DIYs To Do This Summer
  • Deck makeover plans
    The Plans For Our Deck Makeover!
  • DIY simple custom sized trellis
    How To Build A Simple Custom Sized Wood Trellis
  • How To Install New Doorbells
  • Our 80s House Project | Exterior Before & After (So Far!)
  • Stone veneered fire pit using a cast cement kit from Stone Farm
    How To DIY A Fire Pit & Pea Stone Patio, Start To Finish
  • How to make a terrarium
    How To Put Together A Terrarium
  • Installing A DIY Capstone To A Firepit
  • Fire Brick | The Fire Pit Project
  • How to install a pea stone patio.
    Installing A Pea Stone Patio
  • How to install stone veneer to a fire pit.
    Gravel Patio & Fire Pit Project: Installing Stone Veneer
  • Using a sod cutting machine makes the removal of grass much easier than doing it by hand.
    Gravel Patio & Fire Pit Project: Removing Sod
  • Choosing An Exterior House Color Scheme
  • Gravel Patio & Fire Pit - The Next DIY
  • A potted palm tree on a deck.
    My Five Favorite Ways To Decorate Outdoors
  • Cleaning & Sealing Outdoor Teak Furniture
  • Before and After: Our Deck
  • Planting Herbs In Containers
  • Identifying what's in your garden.
    Identifying What's In Your Garden
  • Shaded Garden Plants
  • Setting A Stepping Stone Path
  • Plants For A Cutting Garden
  • Tinkerbelle Lilacs and Garden Discoveries