Scenes From A Bedroom and Living Savvy

My new lens arrived yesterday and I am having such fun playing with it.  I ended up buying the Canon EF 50mm 1.8, and although it’s definitely not a replacement for the kit lens I smashed in San Antonio, it’s proving to be great for close ups.  I’m so glad I got it before our trip!  I also bought a cheapy tripod so I might actually be in our pictures from Hawaii.  Thank you to everyone who weighed in on what lens to buy!!  
Courtesy of my new lens, here are a few sneak peaks from 
our master bedroom – a project that I’ve been working on under the radar!
That there in the background is BM Gentleman’s Gray #2062-20 – a recommendation by Jenny at Evolution of Style after she painted her powder room this color.
I love it – LOVE – thank you Jenny!!!! 
In this picture above you’re also spying a recovered headboard which is currently the bane of my existence.  I can’t bring myself to talk about it yet.
That round table above is my first completed table from my Project Procrastination list….
and here’s the second!!
Remember these thrift store lamps I found in the fall?
From the 80s to 2013 thanks to the wonders of spraypaint.  They still need some jazzing up, but I haven’t decided how yet!
I finally put bamboo blinds up and couldn’t love them more.  Their walnut color works with our furniture and makes it seems less red.
More on the bedroom makeover in March.  Right now I need to pack my bags!
What do you think of this cute little skirt from Tarjay for the trip?  Can’t beat the price….$22!
And last but not least, I have to find a way to fit these into my suitcase.  They are necessary for a tropical vacation, no???
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