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Did I mention to you that I have a teenager?  
Yep, I sure do.  14 years old since last Friday at 6pm.  He was born in time for dinner and from the moment he entered this world he was a hungry lad.  In his teenagehood he's become known as the bottomless pit, the trash compacter, the pantry emptier.  He looks for something to eat ALL THE TIME, rifling through drawers in the fridge, searching high and low in the pantry, hunting and gathering tasty between-meal snackaroonies.
{My niece Kate and my three hooligans.}

Oooooh, how I was his favorite mom the day I made these.  Yep.  Favorite.  Okay - so also his only mom - but let's not split hairs right?  I'm sticking with favorite.

I bought these mozzarella rounds at BJs thinking they would be a great school snack (according to Livestrong, 1 little ounce of mozzarella has 7 grams of protein and 18% of the recommended daily dose of calcium.  Look for mozzarella made with skim milk for a low-fat snack.)

I tried a new-to-me brand, purchased 100% because the name of the cheese company also happens to be the last name of my cutie patootie niece and nephew.
But despite bearing the name of our little munchkins, the bag of cheese sat in my deli drawer for way too long, ignored and unloved.  When interviewed on the subject, the teenager and his sidekicks deemed this brand of cheese a bit on the bland side.  Blah.  Yawn.

This mama had a brainstorm.  
Fry those suckers right up in a little panko, that's right.  
Who doesn't love fried mozzarella??  
And did I say my word yet??….E.A.S.Y.  You know I love some easy cookin.
Unwrap individual cheese sticks or rounds.  Whisk an egg in one bowl, and in another place panko seasoned breadcrumbs.  Dip the cheese into the egg and then press the breadcrumbs onto the cheese.  
Heat olive oil in a pan over medium heat until shimmery, then add breaded cheese and fry until golden on each side.  Serve hot, with marinara sauce on the side for dipping.

With the egg and the breading it's not exactly the healthiest snack, but without a doubt a surefire way to be popular with your peeps (my popularity lasted about 10 minutes until all the mozzarella was consumed.)  I shamelessly cook my way to my teenager's heart.  I buy his love and affection with fried mozzarella, it's true.

Okay - you're turn!  What have you been cooking up in that kitchen of yours??  I'd love to hear about it.

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classic • casual • home said...

Oh my gosh...have to try this recipe!

pam {simple details} said...

Warm, gooey melted cheese, yes please!! Can you believe my teenager doesn't like that, who in their right mind wouldn't??! I also spied Cracker Jack on your party, he'd go for that!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

get in mah belly right now!!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh teenagers! Mine are not there yet, but they still eat me out of house and home. We'd LOVE this fried mozzarella! Can't wait to try! Thanks for hosting! I shared my Harvest Four Bean Salad today. Have a great day!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Okay those look fabulous. Pinning!

Dana Frieling said...

Double yum! Think they're still on the Livestrong list when they're fried up?! ha! I love how creative you are. I wish I could cook like that and make things up. High five, friend.

Suzy www.savedbysuzy.blogspot.com said...

My kids would love this...so would I! I've been having a hard time keeping my house stocked with food because the kids seem to be going through it at amazing speed! This looks like a good, filling snack. They exercise and run around enough that the frying doesn't worry me :)

Nettie Moore said...

Hi Lisa! I stopped by earlier but blogger wasn't working out for me, so I am back! I love fried mozzarella, yours looks so yummy! I say keep the rug! I have linked up my Best Chocolate Sheet Cake! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! nettie

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

This looks so yummy! And I love easy too. Thanks Lisa!