Rub ‘N Buff:: BLING IT ON!

I am SO excited to welcome you to this linky party today:  a collection of projects using Rub ‘n Buff!

I got to know Rub ‘n Buff very well in my picture framing days, since it’s commonly used in the industry to touch up the finish on mouldings, but who knew that it would take off in the home decorating and crafting arenas??   I’ve seen so many great uses for it over the last few years that I thought it was high time we put together a collection of your amazing R&B projects!  {This post is not sponsored by Rub ‘n Buff by the way.  I just love the product and want to share ideas for using it.}

Rub ‘n Buff is a metallic wax product that is great for changing up what you already own, with 16 metallic finishes to choose from.  It’s available at craft stores like Michaels or you can buy it online at Amazon or from many other sources for around $7 for a .05 oz. tube.


R&B is a great way to change up lamps, mirrors, furniture – the possibilities are endless.  Have you ever blinged out something in your house with Rub ‘n Buff?

You may already know that when I changed out our brassy door knobs for nickel a few months back, I realized there were a gazillion brassy hinges to replace too, which equalled spending a ton of dough on a totally un-fun project (who wants to sink $200 into door hinges, and on top of that, take down all the doors in the house and then rehang with new hinges??  Not me!)  R&B came to the rescue – I tried a bit of “Silver Leaf” on the old brass hinges and voila – nickel hinges!  {Click here to read more.}

I know door hinges aren’t the most exciting application for R&B, but saving money and labor is very attractive, isn’t it??

How about a fun idea to bring your summer decor into fall?  I love September with it’s warm, sunny days and cool nights, but I’m not ready to decorate my house with orange and black just yet.   I’m looking for ways to bring some warmth into my color scheme, using what I have around the house and in my garden.  R&B added the perfect bit of warm tone with a little unexpected bling inside the shells on our coffee table.  I love the combination of them with the hydrangeas dressed in their autumn colors.

I used a paintbrush to add Grecian Gold and Antique Gold to the inside of the shells – the tiniest bit will do.

I love the way the metallic paint brings out the natural texture of shells.

As soon as the pinecones begin to fall I think I’ll mix them up with some painted shells in a glass hurricane.   I can’t wait to use these in my Christmas decorating too, mixed in with a few ornaments on the coffee table or as part of a dinner table centerpiece.

I recently started using a mirror as a tray on the ottoman and the kids and I thought the shells looked so pretty reflected in it.
Hello, beautiful!

The best part is that the shells are still natural beauties on the outside for when I need a quiet change around my house.

I can’t wait to see what creative ways you have used Rub ‘n Buff!  This link party will be open indefinitely so feel free to come back at any time and add to the R&B Anthology!  You are welcome to add multiple R&B projects if you’d like.  I’ll post the link party in my sidebar in the near future for your reference.  I’ll also be sharing some tips on using R&B soon too.

Okay – now it’s your turn: Bling It On!

I’m linking the golden shells to Carmel’s Gold Party at Our Fifth House!