Welcome to the February BEFORE Party!

Are you ready to get something crossed off your to-do list??  I know I am!

Welcome to February’s Before Party!

On the first Friday of every month, join me to link up a new project idea.   This can be a piece of furniture you want to rehab, a craft you want to try, or if you’re really ambitious, a business plan.   Commit to walking every day, or to practice random acts of kindness, reorganize your pantry, or make your garage more functional. 

On the last Friday of each month I’ll host the “after” party where you can show off how your project came out.  If it’s not totally complete – that’s okay too – you can share how it’s going so far! 

February’s After Party will be on Friday, 2/24 – mark your calendar!

The Fridays in between the Before and After Parties will be reserved for sharing YOUR inspiring projects over here!  I hope you will join me to get some things accomplished in 2012 – and the best part – inspire and encourage each other.

My project for February is a daunting one.  If I don’t write about it I may never tend to it, even though I have a deep desire to make this room a peaceful haven.  So here goes…..

What’s my problem? 
Why can’t I pull this room together after 18 months in this house?  

Here’s where the room started, before we bought the house – pretty much a blank canvas.  

The biggest problem with this room was the vile carpeting – stained by the previous owners’ pets (it was epidemic in this house!  Their pets made a MESS of all the floors and stairs.)  I seriously couldn’t breathe properly until that moldy and disgusting carpet was pulled out – a good three months of sneezing and being stuffed up every single day – and I am SO grateful for that necessary improvement!!!

I was inspired by beautiful lumbar pillows that I won in a giveaway from Isabella & Max to paint the walls BM Clarksville Gray, a perfect match to the pillows and a color I had seen and liked in the Pottery Barn catalog.  I recovered the headboard with a dropcloth and nailheads – but then hated how the headboard came out so I tore the fabric off with the intention of doing it over – 6 months ago. I bought curtains and rods but have yet to hang them. 

I stalled out on this project, and now it’s time to get it together!

If I could just keep my eyes in this direction, all would be well.  Not so bad besides bland and boring.

Here’s where the issues abound.  Please, take a deep breath before looking at this picture.

Oh dear, could it be?  Yes, it is, it’s the big old TV and black laminate TV stand that Mark bought circa 1995.  They didn’t used to live in our bedroom but the little TV that was in there died, and this one happened to be available, so here she is.  You want to check her out up close?  She’s pretty.  Even covered in dust, she’s a beaut, isn’t she?

I know a television in the bedroom is not a popular choice for decorators, but we love to watch the news before bed, and when Mark is traveling, after the kiddos are in bed I get under my covers and zone out to HGTV.  I LOVE having a TV in the bedroom – just not necessarily this eyesore and stand.

The other elephant in the room is this little corner.

Our master bedroom does double duty as Mark’s office when he’s not traveling.  In our last couple of houses we had a designated office where that chair looked completely appropriate behind a great big desk.  In the corner of our bedroom, not so much.   The papers everywhere, the cheesy framed certificate – these things do not say “peaceful haven” to me.  You?  

We’re still trying to figure out how to make our furniture from our last house fit in here, and nothing feels right.  I can’t stand this half-done room any longer!  It’s important to me for Mark and I to have a place to read, relax, and rejuvenate.  Here’s my punch list:

Hang curtains
Install new shades
Figure out the TV situation
New bedside tables
Find storage for Mark’s work stuff (possibly bedside tables with better storage?)
New desk chair with better scale for the room
Pull together bedding
Ummm, dust?
Hide framed certificate
Do all of this on a teeny tiny (read: nonexistent) budget 

All the problems of this room may not be done by February’s After Party, but today I commit to making this room a more peaceful haven, one baby step at a time.

What about you?  What are you hoping to accomplish this month?  Set a goal for yourself and share it with us.  You’ll feel motivated to start and work towards completion!  I can’t wait to read about your projects!

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Good luck with your projects this month – go get’m Tiger!