Wine Cork Tray

{I wanted to title this post
Put A Cork In It
but that doesn’t sound very welcoming, does it? :)}

Do I have a fun project for you today!!!

Remember these??

The post I wrote about my wine cork herb markers happens to be the most visited post ever on my little blog, and pictures of the markers are the most re-pinned photos from Shine Your Light on Pinterest.  I was even asked by a Swedish magazine, Allt om Trädgård, if one my photos could be used in their publication as a gardening DIY!!

Apparently I am not the only one who wants to put my wine cork collection to good use!
So how about another easy wine cork craft?

There are tons of fun things to do with them!  Just look at this pinboard for oodles of inspiration.  From bulletin boards to wreaths to placecard holders, there are so many inventive ways to upcycle wine corks.

My neighbor, Sue, and I both have quite a collection of corks and tossed around different ideas of what we could do with them.  Sue finally decided to reinvent a small mirror that she spray painted and I can’t wait to show you the finished product when it’s done.  Here’s a sneak peak!

I knew I wanted to use my corks for a tray, and since I have several empty picture frames in my basement I decided to use one for this project.  I bought a small sheet of plywood at Lowes and cut it to the outside dimensions of the frame.  If you pre-measure your frame you can ask someone at Lowe’s or Home Depot to cut the plywood for you.   The plywood was attached to the back of the frame as a sturdy base, and the frame spray painted black.  I plan to get cork tiles like these and glue them to the plywood so the tray doesn’t scratch my table.

Now the fun part! – playing around with different designs.  Sue and I got together, dumped our collections onto her counter and lost ourselves on Sunday afternoon while our husbands watched football and our kids ran amuck.  It was so much fun piecing together a design that was aesthetically pleasing.  Once I was happy with the design, I plugged in the trusty glue gun and
I love how it came out!

Some of the corks on my tray are from a fun night or special occasion…..

…but with many I can’t even remember if we liked the wine; I just like the font or the cute logo on them (like the “B” cork above – placed on the tray in honor of our friend, nicknamed B!)

I have a lot of repeat corks on my tray and also some “blanks”; I tried to mix them all up and make it interesting.

This Liberty School cork is a reminder of one of my besties.
2002 was the year our family was complete when my baby Seanie came along – so of course this had to go on.  I’m such a sentimentalist!

I wanted to fit the corks into the frame with minimal cutting and eventually came up with this placement.
The only corks I had to cut were on the very end, and I trimmed them down with an exacto knife outfitted with a fresh new blade.  If you make a tray or bulletin board, I strongly suggest you lay out your entire design before gluing so you know how they will fit.

The tray will be perfect for setting up a bar when we entertain, and I’ll also use it on our coffee table for hot appetizers or just a spot to set down flowers and a candle.
The corks actually make quite a level base for a wine glass, believe it or not.

I needed a nice glass of wine this weekend after working on a BIG project in my foyer….any idea what it is from this picture above??  Let’s just say that I have a fresh appreciation for skilled carpenters.

I’m so happy to use my collection of corks for something functional in my home, and to be able to upcycle my oddly shaped frame from this….

…to this!

If you have an empty frame lying around this would be fun way to give it new life! 
You can also buy cork tray kits or glue corks into a store-bought tray.
I’m thinking about making some trivets, small trays or bulletin boards as Christmas gifts for the wine-lovers on my list!  
There you have it…..another easy wine cork craft for my vino drinking friends out there.
I’d say today is as good a day as any other to start your wine cork collection!  
What though youth gave love and roses,
Age still leaves us friends and wine.

-Thomas Moore


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