A Craft For The Uncrafty!!

hellllllllo lovelies!

How about this for just about the easiest craft ever?

If you consider yourself a bit on the un-crafty side,
well, girl, is this one for you.
(Sister-in-law Jen, I am speaking to you here!)
(Bonus!  -it’s educational!  -teach the future chefs of the world (your kids) which herb is which!)

Just drink a bottle or five of vino, save the corks and write the names of your herbs on them with a Sharpie, then push wooden skewers into them and…

you have fun herb makers!

I was inspired by Rene of Cottage & Vine to make an herb tower.  Check out Rene’s fabulous tower here!
With that in mind I bought these two shiny green pots,  but once they were filled with gravel (to help with draining) and potting soil and I stacked them, I realized there was not enough room in the perimeter of the bottom pot for several herbs.  The smaller pot should have been even smaller.
(By the way New England friends:  Ocean State Job Lot has a gorgeous selection of glazed pots in beautiful colors!)

My basil is trying to take over this little section of the deck, bossy boots that she is.  I can’t wait to make some pesto when this gets a bit bigger.

This is just one more delightful idea I garnered from Pinterest {the original source of this great idea is the the blog My Chic Life – thank you for the inspiration!}.  If you’re interested in upcycling your wine corks, check out my board of cork creativity.  I have saved corks for years and am looking forward to making wine cork trays with my neighbor sometime this summer.  Or maybe not.  I might be all crafted out after this major (5 minute) undertaking! :)  See – it’s a craft for even the uncrafty!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Thanks to all these wonderful blogs who host inspiring weekly parties.  Check them out if you are looking for a fun new project!

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