Inspiration Files Friday:: Postcard Displays


One of the projects the kids and I are going to do together this summer is to 
make postcards into art 
for our playroom/tv room/den/kid’s space {after almost a year in this house we still haven’t determined what this room is called!}  
We have a very large TV on an otherwise blank wall and I really want to do something fun with the space around the TV.  However, this room is adjacent to both our living room and kitchen where we entertain, so the room also needs to be respectable.
I’ve been searching for cool ways to display our postcards (and wishing I sent one home from Laguna Beach and Palm Springs!)  Here are some fun inspirations for a Friday.  
Do you have a favorite?
And PS… did I ever live without Pinterest??  
{the first few photos are from my computer files, the remainder from Pinterest.  I absolutely love how when you embed a file from Pinterest onto your blog it is automatically labeled!}
photo:  Daily Crushes
photo:  Family Fun
photo:  flickr/The Random Project
photo:  unknown
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest
I love these postcards suspended from a ceiling!  
Wouldn’t this be fun with photographs for an engagement, anniversary or birthday party?
So many fun displays – now I just have to figure out which way to go!
Hoping you have a wonderful weekend (and see the sun – it’s currently hiding in MA!)