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One Room Challenge | Family Room Refresh

One Room Challenge Family Room Makeover

Hello lovelies and welcome to the One Room Challenge finale week!

ORC guest

After making over our fireplace this winter, for this round of the ORC I challenged myself to finish all the details of our family room that I could drag out forever – The Last 20% – because I’m a great starter but not so strong with actually bringing a project to completion.

Our family room has been on furniture rotation since we moved here 6 years ago. Nothing from our old house fit and the room was filled with odds and ends, so this ORC was also a challenge to give new life to what we already have….namely a brown leather couch that I’m exhausted by, and two tired floral chairs.



We ripped apart our fireplace right before Thanksgiving………

LAKE ST Fireplace1

….and here is the newly remodeled fireplace with marble tiled surround and herringbone marble tiled hearth.


Ripping out the old mantle and building a new one allowed us to mount the TV over the fireplace and hide all the cords. The TV isn’t my favorite element in the room but really this location makes the most sense for the layout of the room. Eventually we’ll update this “old” plasma screen with a thinner LCD and hopefully it will be less obtrusive. For now I can work with it!

From our inspection to today……this remodel made our home feel so much more like us.

Shine Your Light Blog Fireplace Makeover


So, great, the fireplace is done, now time to finish up the rest of the space!

I based the design for the room on a picture I took with my phone at a Cape Cod beach, and a Pottery Barn sectional even though I have a couch, because I love the blues with the brown leather.

Design board for family room

This is a super neutral room because I have been enslaved by patterns and colors in big pieces like couches, chairs and curtains for a long time, so now I’m gravitating towards a neutral color palette so that I can change up my house easily with art & accessories when the need for change strikes!!! So you might see a SEA OF GREIGE – but what I see is DECORATING FREEDOM!!!! And it makes me so happy!

The most daunting tasks where reupholstering the two chairs that have roughly a bazillion nailheads, and the styling of the built-ins (not my favorite way to pass the time.)  I am beyond ecstatic to have these both behind me!


The reupholstering went pretty well – they’re not perfect but overall I’m happy with how they came out!

Here’s where they started…….

reupholstering chairs with nailhead trim 5120x2560

I stole the linen drapes from my living room and hung them wide and high. The blue linen-like ribbon on the leading edge was added with iron-on tape.



The rug was 70% off and now I wish I got the biggest one. It’s super soft and comfy.


Rugs USA Moroccan Trellis

These painted pillows bring some blue to the brown leather.

I swapped out the lamps in our bedroom. These are thrift store ginger jar lamps that I spray painted white a few years ago.



I love how the built-ins came out……simple and not too cluttered. The bottom two shelves will have cabinet doors installed soon.

I painted the back of the upper shelves a dark teal blue (BM Gentleman’s Grey that I added some white to.)



On Mother’s Day I noticed the kids all looking at my parent’s wedding album (I “borrowed” it years ago and my mom is sweet enough to let it live at my house 🙂 ). I love love love having it out where the kids can look through it! This treasure made the cut for the shelf styling along with our wedding album. What’s the point of having special things if they’re hidden away in a drawer or box?


Seeing as most of our books are in our living room (another One Room Challenge project!) I wanted to use some objects in this room but not make the shelves too busy.


IMG_4171 IMG_4203

We are enjoying this space so much more now.




A few big things I am still working on:

1/ Building cabinet doors for the bottom two shelves of the bookcases. So excited that I figured out how to make them flush-mounted (or inset) – now I am waiting on the right hinges to arrive.


Inset doors are flush with the cabinet face. These will be trimmed out with boxes like the fireplace surround.


Can you imagine it painted white? All that delicious storage space that doesn’t have to look nice and tidy?


2/ The coffee table is on hold because we decided we really want to shop around and find something we love that we can see in person and touch before we buy. I am leaning towards the PB Parquet Top one but we’ll see.

3/ The other BIG piece I am waiting on is the art for over the couch! My Instagram photo that the whole room was based on:



I’ll be sure to update you when those pieces are finished! In the meantime I’m so happy to have finished most of my to-do list!

My One Room Challenge:


Finish reupholstering the two chairs 

Lighten up and bring some blues to our brown leather couch

Finish the art project for over the couch (ordered!! stay tuned….)

Figure out what else is going on the walls 

Build or buy doors for the lower shelves of the bookcases for hidden storage (in process! yeehaw!)

Style the bookcases




Buy a new coffee table (still considering options)


A HUGE thank you to the One Room Challenge creator and fearless leader, Linda at Calling It Home!  What a wonderful motivation to finish a room, and such a fun event across the whole blogosphere! Be sure to check out the 20 Featured Designers who shared their reveals yesterday, as well as all the linking guests today!


Thanks so much for following along on this mini-room makeover. It wasn’t the most dramatic room makeover of all time but it has made our home feel so much more pulled together and finished, a great space for my family to enjoy time together in front of that ginormous TV 🙂  IMG_4222

Cheers to another ORC in the books!


This was my fifth time participating in the One Room Challenge. A couple of my previous challenges…..



Built in bookcases


One Room Challenge Teen Room

Have a wonderful day friends!

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Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living

Sunday 29th of May 2016

Lisa!! Amazing work! I adore the shelves and the special sentiments on the shelf. I laughed when you said you stole the curtains from another room. Lol. Eagerly awaiting the rest of the room, but you did so much already. Cheers!


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Thanks Stephanie! I am constantly stealing items from one room to finish another.....which is why no room in my house is ever "done" for long! :)


Thursday 19th of May 2016

Lisa, what a gorgeous room you've put together! It's bright, comfy and welcoming. The chairs makeover left me speechless, wow! A magazine worthy room!


Wednesday 18th of May 2016

amazing Lisa! simply amazing. love the blue and white touches throughout and you know how i feel about the fireplace :)


Wednesday 18th of May 2016

It looks great! I love the blue color you chose for your built-ins.


Thursday 19th of May 2016

Thank you Emily!

Shelley | Crazy Wonderful

Sunday 15th of May 2016

You really knocked this one out of the park, Lisa!!!! There is so much to love in here. Still completely mind blown with those nailhead chairs. The fireplace area is to die for. I love your idea for closed storage on the bottom. And I a love, love, love the personal touches with your shelf styling. Our wedding album is tucked away. I'm not even sure our daughter has seen it! So special to have those things out for everyone to enjoy :)


Monday 16th of May 2016

Thank you my friend! I do love having the wedding albums out. I bet Izzy would love pouring over yours!!