Let’s Take A Vacation To…….NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND

Hi friends!  I hope you had a spectacular winter weekend!  
Mark and I have officially hit that point in a long, cold winter where we start daydreaming about warmer weather.  
Every winter without fail, we get the itch to rent some little cottage for a week for the upcoming summer so we have something to look forward to.  We love exploring all the different seaside towns and lakeside communities that New England offers.  You may recall last summer I talked about Cape Cod, Nantucket and Lake Winnipesaukee.  I decided back in August that I’d save some other great New England vacation spots for the winter, when all of us in snowy climates could use a getaway (even if only in our dreams!)
Since we are all obsessed with the ins and outs of homes, let’s check out vacation rentals in 
Newport, Rhode Island.  
Have you ever been?

Newport – the summer playground of the rich and famous.  It’s known for it’s insane seaside mansions,

and also has great beaches and a fun downtown area.

Newport is considered one of the jewels of New England coast.  It’s the location of a Naval Station, and was made famous by such notables as the extraordinarily wealthy Astor and Vanderbilt families, actress Grace Kelly, and authors Edith Wharton and Thornton Wilder, as well as being the summer residence of the Eisenhowers and Kennedys during their presidencies.  JFK and Jackie O were married in Newport.

Today tons of twenty-somethings flock to Newport in the summer – it has a crazy fun bar scene by night and the beaches by day.  It’s also a great family vacation spot.  Newport is only about 30 miles from Providence, and 60ish miles from Boston, and once you are there the beaches and downtown area are all easily accessible by foot or bike.

Newport is not, however, an inexpensive place to rent in July and August, it’s peak season.  For fun I looked at houses that are in walking distance to or on the ocean, and to compare apples to apples I also looked for houses that slept at least 6.  Here’s an array of what you can expect for summer rentals in Newport.

Condo Cottages {$1850/week – 2 bedrooms, sleeps 6}
This is right up my alley – not too fancy, super cute, and a five minute bike or drive, or 15 minute walk to the beach.  Perfect!

Downtown Townhouse {$3,850/week}
New, clean, and right in the middle of all the action.  Great if you are a young professional, maybe not so much for a family.

Easton’s Pond {$5,500/week – 4 bedrooms, sleeps 8}
This is way out my budget (which is currently $0, by the way) and I’m more into a true beach cottage feel, but if you MADE ME stay here, well, I guess I wouldn’t complain!

A view of a pretty pond to wake up to every day and a 5 minute walk to the beach.  

Beachfront {$6000/week – 4 bedrooms, sleeps 11}
RIGHT on the ocean.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!!

Clean and tidy inside, and did I mention……RIGHT ON THE OCEAN?  

Ocean View {$6,800/week – 4 bedrooms, sleeps 10}
This one is not RIGHT on the ocean, however you can SEE the ocean while you take a dip in the pool!

Oh and PS, it’s like a family paradise.  Loft for the kids?  Walk out basement with a pool table?  Okey doke.  Done deal.  If you give me a loan.

Classic Cottage {$11,000/week – 4 bedrooms, 4 baths}
Okay now we are really getting into the luxury rentals.  You’ve got $11,000 to spend on a week’s rental, right???  But come on, this one comes with it’s own rainbow.

Isn’t it dreamy?  If I win the lottery I am driving directly to this house and asking the owners if I can buy it.
The bedrooms have ocean views….ahhhhhhh. 
(Note to owner:  ya might wanna pull the blinds and show off the view. Kind of a big selling feature!)
Right at the Cliff Walk…..a fabulous location.
Okay – are you ready to take this vacation rental thing to the next level?????
How about this……

Beacon Rock {$125,000/month – 8 bedrooms, 8 baths}
(It’s only rentable by the month, but that breaks down to about $31,250 a week. You got that covered?)

In case you want to eat in one night of vacation – I hope this will suffice.

One last one.  I mean if you’re coming all the way to Newport, Rhode Island, you might as well rent something like this, right????

Chomp Soleil {$125,000/month – 6 bedrooms, all with king beds of course!}
(Another steal at $31,250/week.)

So – OBVIOUSLY you know which one I’m going for ^^^^^^^^^^^^^.  Do you want to fly in on your Lear jet and join me??

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Newport vaca rentals, my dears.   I have a few other gems around New England to share with you this winter, stay tuned!