Project Procrastination, Take One

Today my friends, I’m going to make you feel so much better about that little project you’ve started and need to finish up.

Linda at My Crafty Home Life started a Pinterest board at the very start of the new year as motivation to take your projects from start to actually finito.  The board is called Project Procrastination….Finish The Unfinished.  Take a photo of an unfinished project, pop it on the board and commit to If only I had just one to get done!

I have so many started-but-not-finished projects lying around this house that I have even procrastinated writing a procrastination projects post!!!  But the time has come.  Maybe, just maybe, if I post about these unfinished projects I will actually feel committed to getting them done before the decorating ADD kicks in again.  So here we go….

Furniture Projects I Need To Finish Before Starting Anything Else.

1. My first Craiglist purchase (which, by the way, ended up being for sale by someone I knew in another town!  What are the chances?)  Bought, stripped and stained with a vengeance in December.  Waiting for.ever for a finish coat before it’s debut in our living room.  Look at the pretty wood hiding under many coats of brown paint!

2. A thrift store mirror for my kids’ bathroom.  Currently they have a medicine cabinet that is unopenable without a screw driver.  Need some toothpaste?  Calamine lotion?  Band aids?  Too bad.  They’re all locked inside the cabinet.

3. A plant stand my brother bequeathed to us when he moved.  It’s about to get a whole new take on life, as something other than a plant stand.  Oooooooh mysterious.

4.  This table is from Bombay Co. about a million yeas ago.  It was the best cheap-piece-of-furniture-that-is-supposed-to-look-like-an-expensive-piece-of-furniture that I ever bought – the top lifts open to become a card table, which I have used for extending our dining room table many times.  In various houses it has lived in our foyer, dining room, and living room, and now it is joining our master bedroom, which is in the throes of a wild makeover.  Wait ’til you see this petite table’s newest incarnation.

5. This side table hails from Mark’s pre-marital condo, and it’s crying out for release from it’s honey-finished captivity.  It has apparently been used as a racetrack for Matchbox cars over the course of it’s life.

6. A Pottery Barn side table that we’ve had forever.  After living with those three Matchbox car-wielding munchkins, this top had also taken a beating, so I had the ingenious idea of giving it a coat of Polyshades (stain and poly in one).  Hated it, painted it with homemade chalk paint, hated it, and now it’s awaiting a good stripping in our basement.  Poor neglected unloved little thing.

7.  My new little Facebook Yard Sale table just needs a quick refresh.

8.  My most recent purchase for a whopping $7.99 at the Habitat Restore, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The item that made my poor husband silently hang his head in despair when he came home from work to find it, amongst many other castoff pieces of furniture, in our garage recently.

The woe this last piece of furniture brought to my long suffering husband, who is a really good sport about all these crazy projects I’m always dreaming up, is what made me decide to finish every single furniture project around here before starting ANYTHING else.

Do you think I can stay on track???

OOOOh!  I did accomplish one thing!  Remember this beaut?  The bamboo chair my awesome parents-in-law gave to us last summer?  I quickly painted the frame black……and then proceeded to take 5 1/2 long months to make up my mind on fabric for new slipcovers.

And – believe it or not – I actually stopped procrastinating and chose a fabric.  Are you ready???


BLEACHABLE white cotton duck – prewashed and waiting to fit into the busy schedule of a local seamstress.  One of my inspirations that made me finally decide on white…so versatile!  And did I mention, bleachable??


It didn’t hurt that Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home, whose home is a favorite of mine, has black framed chairs with white slipcovers (as well as an alternate set) and wrote about the merits of slipcovers the very day I decided on white.  Check out this post if you’re considering going the slipcover route!

One procrastinated item down, EIGHT MORE to go.  I need a nap.

Hopefully I’ll have some “afters” to share with you soon….before my hubby kicks me out!

What projects have you been procrastinating on??