Vote: Are Black Interior Doors Right For My House?

While I’m working on the first big project of the new year around the old homestead, I got a little sidetracked.  It’s the story of my life!

Since we went to Texas instead of replacing our front door, it appears the door will be sticking around for a while longer, so I spontaneously tried out black on the interior.  It’s Jennifer’s fault, her and all her beautiful black interior doors that make me want to pack my bags and go ring her doorbell and ask her to take me in!!  I just love the look – and I agree with The Decorologist Kristie Barnett that painting interior doors black can make a space look more high end.

My mission, from the very beginning, was to turn this builder-grade house into something special and if I can achieve that with paint then I’m all for it.

One funny thing is that, like so many other ideas I have picked up from the blogosphere, I don’t know anyone in real life with black interior doors.  I think my real life peeps actually think I’ve lost it, again, with another kooky house idea.  But I’m okay with that.  Sometimes you never know if an idea is going to work until you give it a try.

Here’s where I started with the foyer 2 1/2 years ago when we moved in:

As soon as we passed the papers on this house I got going painting every single wall and piece of trim.  After many coats of primer and white paint, the space felt a little fresher by our first Christmas here.

Last year I updated the brassy hardware on the front door with spraypaint and Rub n Buff (and new nickel door knobs on the rest of the doors.)
The outside of the door is already black and I always liked the contrast it brought to the foyer when the door was open.

Yesterday, while I had 476 kids running through my house after school, I gave the front door interior a quick coat of black primer on a whim.   Yep, I’m pretty good at picking the best possible time for such things.

I love it!!   
BUT —–

–is it right for our house??

1.  The foyer is not very large to begin with.  I’m debating about whether it makes the space feel cramped.

2.  If I go with black on the interior of the front door, should I leave it at that???

paint all the interior doors, at least on this level?

That would be a total of FOUR French doors…..

(and for the record, painting mullions makes me want to poke my eyeballs out, and is second only to stair spindles as far as the worst possible thing to have to paint.)

But wouldn’t these doors look great in black?  Shall we go back to exhibit A at Jennifer’s?  I swoon.

(Let’s not discuss the state of my living room.  We’re taking a break from each other right now.)
This is the door from my kitchen into the dining room. 
Most of the time the door is open and graces a very blah corner of the dining room.
The list of doors on this floor also include the slider in our kitchen…..

….and four solid doors, including these two in the little hallway on the other side of the gallery wall, the foyer closet and front door.

 The door total:  4 solid, 4 French, 1 slider = 9 doors.  Ouch.

Keep in mind that while this is the signature style board I just created and LOVE –

– light, bright and airy – I have always liked a bit of black in a room, and I have been really been feeling like my house is very blah and needs some more contrast (can I say it one more time?  Going neutral is so much harder than I thought it would be!)

I’m usually a decision maker, not a hemming and hawing kind of girl.  I’m not good at asking for opinions, I admit it.  But this one?  I just can’t decide.

So, my design-savvy friends, would you cast your vote and help me out?
1.  Do you think black interior doors would overwhelm this not-very-large house?
2.  Should I keep the front door interior black?
and if so….
3.  Should I go for it and paint all the other doors black?
I will love you forever if you can help me decide!