Even Better Than A New Front Door

Why is it that instead of the house to-dos lessening with each project completed, the list just seems to multiply?  Now that all the painting and settling in has been done here in our fixer-upper, the really big projects loom in the future.  New front door, steps, portico, driveway, front path.  Bathrooms.  Ummmm, hello, a major kitchen renovation.  The to-dos are endless, but you know?  These days, these years of our kids' childhoods, they are fleeting.

My oldest child is in 8th grade and after his regular football season ended, he played on a team with kids from all over Massachusetts.  Through a series of games, they won their way into the final four out of 64 teams from all over the country.  This past weekend, we decided the house renovations can wait.  Instead of purchasing a new front door, or having plans drawn up for our portico, we all flew down to San Antonio, Texas for the championship games.

Dang, we need a new front door.  But an opportunity to make some fun memories as a family, give my kids a new experience, take them someplace they've never been (nor I!) and open up their eyes to the world?  For that I will happily trade the next big house project in the queue.
Team Mass
The US Army All American Bowl at the Alamodome
Torturing our kids with a little San Antonio education and siteseeing…they'll thank me later for this!
The Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio….so pretty!
 "Dad…..Mom's taking pictures of weird stuff again."

The front door project?  It'll get done sometime this year.  In the meantime….how about a little of this?


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

you definitely made the right choice- how awesome!!!!! we lived in austin for a little less than a year, but during that time we took a few weekend trips down to san antonio and i loved it there!

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, absolutely, I
agree with Cassie!
I will always take a
trip over a new....
anything : ) You
are such a beautiful
family and what
memories that trip
will provide for years
to come! I was in
SA two years ago
with my mom for
my b-day trip. Isn't
it a fun spot to visit?

Happy Tuesday!

xo Suzanne

Jessica @ HomewithBaxter said...

Go Mass! Looks like an awesome trip with your family! There will always be "house stuff" to do. Go have fun!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

I totally understand! Looks like you had some great fun... but maybe there there will be a sale on the front door next month and you will be glad you waited!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Great for you, Lisa! YOu will always have those fabulous memories of this special time - and that door will still be there when the time is right to change it out!


Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

I love San Antonio! Yes: it is so much better to spend money on these experiences than on a front door. Great call! :)

Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} said...

Good for you and your gorgeous family!

Dana Frieling said...

We're looking into spring break options and I'm having to tell myself the same thing...the memories are definitely worth the money! Glad ya'll had a good trip.

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Love it! Isn't San Antonio so much fun? Glad you all enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Love the attitude and it looks like you made the right choice!

Jessica @ FourGenerationsOneRoof said...

Looks like you have been very busy! I am getting caught up on so many blogs that I just haven't had time to visit. Hope you are doing well and happy new year!

pam {simple details} said...

You guys look like it was cold in TX?? Much more fun than a front door, I'm sure they'd agree! I've always heard it's a great place to visit, we don't live that far and have never been. Glad you had a wonderful time! And, Congrats to your BIG guy! :)

Julie Boarder said...

Definitely the right decision. We spent Christmas in Texas and New Years in San Antonia more importantly when I was about 17 and my sister was 10 and that was one of our best family holiday memories to this day. I'm sure that's the same for your family.

Congrats to your son!

Jenny said...

Well how cool is that?!? The door can definitely wait - what a great opportunity for all of you! The kids are growing way too fast, and we need to stop and smell the roses with them more often!

My Crafty Home Life said...

Wow, what an experience. Screw the door....you never get the time back.