Christmas Card Photos As Phone Contacts

A quick and fun idea for you today!  I saw this on Pinterest; it originally hails from the blog Under The Sycamore.

When I took down the photo Christmas cards we received this year, I used my cell phone to take a quick picture of friends and family, then assigned the photo to their contact.

So easy!  Even for those of us who are not so techy.
Take a photo of the photo. :) 
If you have an iPhone you have to hold it the long way when you take the photo or the contact picture will be sideways.  
Whether your phone is an iPhone or not, if it has the ability to take pictures, it would most likely give you the option to assign pictures to contacts.
Choose the contact to assign the picture to.
And voila….when your phone rings you get a shot of some happy smiling faces!

When I showed my 14 year old that I did this, he said,

“Wow Mom, is that what you do all day???”  

Mmmmmhmmmm.  Sweet.  What was that little nugget on my 2013 resolutions list?
Don’t let adolescent angst bring me down.
Right right right.

FYI, Sassafrass, I took about 20 pictures in the span of two minutes when I took the Christmas cards down, and later on, when I was waiting to pick you up from school, I assigned the photos to contacts in about 5 minutes.

And now I have little cuties smiling at me when my phone rings!

Some fun changes coming this way soon!  Can’t wait to show you.

Hope your day is productive and GOOD!