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When we first moved to this house, I kept a notebook with a couple pages for each room.  I would jot down ideas, measurements, plans.  It was so helpful in keeping me on track and I still refer to it two years later and I’ll share more about organizing home renovation projects soon.  Today I am all about blogging organization.

One of the things I am determined to tackle this year is getting all the crazy ideas floating around inside my brain actually written down somewhere.  I can’t tell you how many little projects I do around the house that I think someone might benefit from (you know – the mind blowing stuff I am fond of posting about – how to get wrinkles out of slipcovers and whatnot.)  Unfortunately, I am terribly inefficient at turning thoughts into blog posts.  BUT – 2013 is my year!!!

Santa left me this lovely journal and calendar in my stocking {how did he know I needed these?  It’s like he can read my mind :)}

I use iCalendar on my Mac laptop to keep my family’s sports, activities and appointments straight, and this works great for me.

I also use iCalendar for blog scheduling.  However, I need one place to jot down blog ideas and project to-dos, and actually bringing pen to paper is really helpful to me for flushing out thoughts.  The journal is slim enough to fit in my bag for when I’m out and about and something blog worthy strikes me.

My goal, like meal planning, is to sit down once a week, organize my thoughts for the week ahead, and roughly schedule what I’m planning to post on.  Maybe even write blog posts ahead of time??  Oooooh, aaaaah, organization.  While I’m typically a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl when it comes to blog topics, I think this will help me to blog on a more consistent basis about projects that I am currently working on, instead of sharing project updates in fits and dribbles.  If you blog, do you keep a schedule?

If not, here are a few wonderful and free printables that might help you organize your brain and your blog!

Another goal of mine is to follow some of your leads and recap at the end of the month.  I think this is a great way to keep projects on track and keep readers updated.

Ahhh, January’s promises to be organized!  Let’s see how well I have done with this plan come July!
But I’ve gotta start somewhere!!

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Are you trying to get organized this new year??

If you blog, do you keep a calendar and plan ahead?  Do share.